Kyle Busch appears to confirm his crazy theory with Toyota’s latest ‘Mic Drop Moment’ research

Mechanical issues and driver safety have been at the forefront of all issues with next-generation cars, with many drivers already struggling. Interestingly enough, fans have a crazy theory that Toyota gave Kyle Busch a test car after his complaint, and surprisingly, that theory may be true.

bush He was eliminated from qualifying in Bristol where he finished his race due to an engine failure, with some blaming his “changing issues”. He appears to have confirmed the theories as he highlights the “Toyota Affair”.


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In a post-race interview in Bristol, a reporter asked the #18 driver about ‘Crappy Parts’. Kevin Harvick Martin Truex, Jr. is complaining. And he answered: “No, that is completely different from our situation. They are talking about the steering rack and steering parts and parts that you were assigned to use by NASCAR to run. Our case is Toyota’s.”

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The two-time Cup Series champion has always been very vocal about his issues throughout his career. Of course, the same goes for all-new, next-generation cars. So, do you think there’s a chance he actually got a test car? Because fans definitely think so.

Fans think Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing used Busch as a test mule

One fan said-“That interview was very good and everyone should look at it and be admired by everyone. Toyota’s subtle pits were a landing moment for the microphone. The most accurate comment was that it wasn’t fair to his crew, sponsors, and fans. In other words, they all know what’s going on, too. Obviously everyone is focused on Toyota beating Kyle, but it’s not just him who hurt him. Everyone is connected to it.”

This guy seemed happy with the results –Jgr is using KB cars as test mules for the remainder of the season, and will probably dnf a few more times this year.”

One fan was very disappointed—”It looks like Toyota got some payback for Kyle leaving their camp. Oddly enough, this only happened to his Toyota. Others have had some issues but they are not as disastrous as Kyles. He was blowing water and oil from the exhaust pipe.”

This fan was still in disbelief—”If what others are saying is true there is just Kyle being used as a test mule, let’s say he misses a championship chance, Kyle has to push in the clutch and blow every engine on the first lap. This will stop this shit.”

Another fan noticed -“This “new car” was never ready for the Cup Series and the further we progressed through the season, the more we saw it!!! ”

What did Martin Truex Jr. say about Kyle Bush?

Currently, Truex Junior. He also had problems with the car from the start. And recently, he had steering problems, which put his car out of service. He added to what Harvick had said.


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DAYTONA BEACH, FL – FEBRUARY 16: Kyle Busch, driver of #18 M&M’s Toyota, talks with Kurt Busch, driver of #45 Monster Energy Toyota, on the pit track during qualifying for the 64th Annual NASCAR Cup Series Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on the 16th February 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

he is He saidAnd the “It’s incredible, I mean, what Harvick, Crappy Parts said.” But then he was asked to put himself in his teammate’s shoes, in the position of Bush, and how worried he was. However, he had something to say about his teammate that might prove his dedication to the sport.

Truex revealed the personality of his teammate when he said, “He won’t worry, he’ll drive until it stops working.”


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This clearly speaks to a lot of the dedication that his teammate has. It also shows how much he deserves to stay in the sport. Although he is out of qualifying this year, there could be a lot more fighting coming from him at Richard Childress Racing next year.

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