Jeffrey Dahmer’s Netflix series ‘The Beast’ has been renewed amid backlash

Netflix announced that the file monster The series will return for two more seasons delving into the lives and crimes of the most notorious serial killers.

The first batch, Dahmer – The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storywhich premiered on September 21 and focused on the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered 17 mostly black men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Led by Evan Peters and created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, the 10-episode series proved to be a huge hit for Netflix, which currently serves as a streaming operator. second most viewed English TV show after Weird things.

However, although Intentions From “exposing” Dahmer’s “unbelievable” crimes and highlighting the failure of his victims due to “systematic racism and the institutional failure of the police,” the show’s massive viewership has not come without similar help. controversy.

One of the main criticisms was that some felt that the series was exploiting Dahmer’s crimes for profit while forcing relatives of its victims to do so. They recover their shock. Even the mother of Tony Hughes, who was among those killed by Dahmer Disclosed Let’s wonder how the show was lit up green.

Murphy dismissed the backlash – that is, the widespread accusations that Dahmer’s crimes had been highlighted by the production – saying during an interview with The New York Times Last month, he made the show because the story “examines how easy it is to get away from the white privileged stuff.”

Writer respond to criticism For the second time soon after, adding during an appearance at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles that he had contacted “about 20 of the victims’ families and friends” in the three and a half years he had spent researching the show.

“It’s something we’ve been looking for for a very long time,” Murphy said. Not a single person responded to us in the process. So we relied heavily on our wonderful group of researchers who… I don’t even know how they found so many of these things.”

Several family members have previously disputed this claim, including Eric Berry, Errol Lindsey’s cousin, who chirp That his family found out about the show “When Others Did It.”

Well, I wasn’t expecting this tweet to get that much attention. To answer the main question, no, they do not notify families when they do. They are all public records, so they don’t have to notify (or pay!) anyone. My family found out when everyone else found out.

Twitter: @ericthulhu

She told Lindsey’s sister, Rita Espel, too from the inside that she was “never contacted” about Murphy’s plans although the Dahmer Judgment’s Victim Impact Statement in 1992 was recreated for the series.

And now, despite the growing backlash against it Dahmer and on a larger scaleIndustrial complex real crimeFueling public demand for shows of this kind, Netflix is ​​doubling down on traffic, announcing this week that monster It has been revamped as its own anthology series.

In a tweet on Monday, the streaming service said subscribers can expect two more seasons of monsterfocusing on “other ugly personalities who have influenced society.”

After the record success of DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy & amp; Ian Brennan will create two more sequels that focus on other brutal characters who have made an impact on society. Season 2 of The Watcher was green!

Twitter: netflix

The ad quickly sparked a heated reaction across social media, with many viewers taking to Twitter to denounce “marketing killers” in the name of entertainment.

Amid the backlash, critics have questioned Netflix’s apparent move to “Cinematic world compilationFrom the ‘wild characters’ with a stretch monster The series, where someone said that the decision pushed society back.”Years. “

Twitter: @Junabee710

“Very pleased that we have wrestled for years with the moral consequences of genuine criminal extremism, and finally come to a solution: ‘Extended Serial Killer Universe’, Someone Else chirpgarnered more than 30,000 likes.

So glad we wrestled for years with the moral consequences of true criminal fanaticism, and finally came to a solution: “The Extended Serial Killer Universe”

Twitter: @been_herde

By agreement, another user Accused Netflix about “franchising a group of psychotic serial killers and misogynistic like the damned Avengers.”

loudmouthjulia franchise a group of misogynistic serial killers who are psychotic as if they are unrealistic fucking avengers.

Twitter: @MitchyD

Of course, given the number of people caught DahmerIt comes as no surprise to hear that Netflix will continue to fund the series, leading some to accuse the company of using people’s shock towanderingSubscriptions.

PopBase Mhm is, yes, a huge fan of dramatizing the actions of serial killers for consumption as entertainment with zero input from victims’ friends and families who would rather not use the stories of deceased loved ones to post Netflix subscriptions.

Twitter: @ajaxtheabrasive

This sparked a broader conversation about Infatuation with the true crimewith one user Twitter: “When you confuse America’s fetish for gruesome crime storytelling, imperceptible audiences, and late-stage capitalism, that’s what you get. That’s disgusting”

When you confuse America’s fetish of gruesome crime storytelling, insensitive audiences, and late-stage capitalism, this is what you get. It’s disgusting

Twitter: @vivrantgyal

Others agreed with this sentiment, saying that in conjunction with the show’s revamping, viewers’ often desires for exploitative true crime content was the larger issue at hand.

“I’m not a real crime fan, but it’s funny that people are mad at Netflix and not the hundreds of millions of people who watched LOL”, He saidindicating that the backlash is misdirected.

I’m not a true crime fan, but it’s funny that people are mad at Netflix and not the hundreds of millions of people who watched lol

Twitter: @jordantheboone

“People who blame hate watching but Dahmer was not successful bc of hate hour,” else person agreed. “Average people really tuned into this BC, serial killer legends lure one into their mundane lives. That’s why true crime works. These are characters for them that aren’t real horrid human beings with victims.”

Ppl blamed it on hate watching but Dahmer wasn’t successful bc of hate hour. avg ppl is already set to this bc the serial killers legends are alluring to mundane life. This is the reason for the success of true crime. These are characters for them who aren’t real horrible humans with victims

Twitter: @thechurchofmoe

This prompted others to Suggest Netflix could instead produce shows that focus on fantasy crimes, rather than “make money shocking real people are literally still alive.”

Maybe you make fictional killers instead of making money shocking the real people who are still alive today and their families

Twitter: @SpiderKen1995

“Netflix is ​​so wrong for that…” another person Wrote. “You can all create new series with good and positive themes, but decide to capitalize on tragedies and sadness.”

PopBase Netflix is ​​so wrong for that… You can all make new series with good and positive themes, but they decide to capitalize on tragedies and sadness

Twitter: @delightful_pov

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Netflix for comment.

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