Internet backs man refusing to share inheritance with scattered gay sister

man said in Post is now viral He does not want to share his inheritance with his sister after years of estrangement.

Send to redditForum “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) Under the username u/tigerprawns123, the man said he and his sister were close to children. However, his sister cut off contact with him and their parents after they graduated from high school because their parents did not react well to her being gay. Now, nearly two decades later, he’s calling his sister, but she doesn’t want to make up for lost time – she just wants to discuss the inheritance.

The post garnered more than 9,000 upvotes and nearly 3,000 comments from Redditors who felt u/tigerprawns123 was justified in not wanting to share his inheritance with his sister. But the experts said NEWSWEEK That talking about inheritance and its division could be a way for u/tigerprawns123 to reconcile with his sister.

the story

In his letter, u/tigerprawns123 said it was “difficult” for him to lose his sister, because she “used to take care” of him and encourage him. [him] To talk to girls and go further [his] Social circle.

Sign man will
In a widely shared post, a man said he did not want to share his inheritance with his sister after years of estrangement.
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He tried to call his sister several times over the years, but was met with “radio silence”, eventually giving up.

“I blamed my parents for this and resented them for a long time,” wrote u/tigerprawns123. “But we made things up when my mother was diagnosed with cancer six years ago, and she died a year later.”

u/tigerprawns123’s relationship with his father became stronger after his mother’s death. Therefore, his father made a will and left all this property to u/tigerprawns123.

“Approximately after one month [my father] She passed away, my sister called me for the first time in years, hoping to have a chat,” u/tigerprawns123 said. I thought she wanted to fix the fences… But as soon as we met, she mentioned the inheritance and wanted her share.”

Annoyed that his sister didn’t want to fix her relationship, u/tigerprawns123 chose not to split the inheritance. Now, he feels “terrible”.

In the comments section of his message, he asked, “Was it wrong for me to deny her because she abandoned me and never gave me a proper reason?”

What do the experts say?

Dr. Jeffrey Grieve, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, believes u/tigerprawns123 should split the inheritance with his sister because it was their parents’ “narrow-mindedness” that pushed her away. He also said that doing so could “open an opportunity for reconciliation”.

“I think it would be wrong to refuse what he would have given her if she had not been open and then refused,” Greve said. NEWSWEEK. “Why can’t she access what was denied to her because of their prejudices about her sexual orientation? … If he shared it, it might also open an opportunity for reconciliation – which could send a powerful message to either of their children (if they had them) about the importance of tolerance and family relationships” .

The inheritance provides u/tigerprawns123 a chance to reconcile with his sister, said Dr. Karen Gil-Lewis, a fraternity therapist. However, she said, reconciliation can only be reached if the two brothers “get together” and realize that their parents are “harming” both of them by will.

“You think both of them [siblings] He will say, “How can my dad and mom do that [to us]”?” Louis said NEWSWEEK. But only when sibs can come together and understand that both have been affected, and both are ‘hurt’ by the deceased parent ‘can they reconnect.

To do this, Lewis advises both brothers to sit down together and say, “Look at what [our parents] did us. They put us in this situation, and it’s not fair because we loved each other.”

Redditors’ reaction

Despite what the experts say, many Redditors feel you/tigerprawns123 are right to deprive his sister of a portion of their parents’ inheritance.

“NTA [not the a**hole] On the grounds that she reconnected with the sole purpose of asking for money after cutting off contact with the family. Whether or not her reasons for the severance were justified (and yes, she was justified in severing the parental connection, but she included you who was blameless), the fact remains that the inheritance is yours as you wish,” said u/mohagthemoocow.

u/notemilydickenson added: “NTA – I’ve made multiple efforts to reconnect with her over the years, which she showed no interest in. I only called you for money, and I don’t blame you for your choice.”

NEWSWEEK Reach out to u/tigerprawns123 for comment.

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