Inside the ‘White Noise’ Party at the New York Film Festival

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Last night, the 60th Annual New York Film Festival kicked off with an opening night reception sponsored by Campari at the Tavern on the Green. The party was in honor Festival opening white noiseNoah Baumbach’s adaptation of the 1985 novel, starring his favorite ideas, Greta Gerwig And the Adam Driver.

The restaurant, whose casual aesthetic somewhat resembles that of a decadent Marshall, lit up like the gates of hell with powerful red lights and decorated with Campari bottles. Attendees included a few actors, a few Netflix executives, a famous DJ, and a host of Lincoln Center sponsors.

The highlight of the night was a brief encounter with German actor Lars Edinger, who plays a failed mad scientist in the film. mistake me for white noise Furthermore, he touched on his love of spicy foods and explained that the (annoying) little satin shorts he wore throughout the movie were all his idea. While we were talking, at least three people invited him to an after-hours party Polo BarHe asked me to him in a calm and discreet voice, “What is Polo Bar?” When we parted, he shared his email address, urging me to come see him play Hamlet, in villagein BAM next month.

I can’t review white noise Because I didn’t get it, but I rated every aspect of the evening on a scale from one to ten Negroni.

Edinger, who was more than six feet tall, looked like the world’s largest and finest employee in the same place Balenciaga Plus Size Suit Justin Bieber wore it to the Grammys. But Judy Turner Smith She carried off the evening, replacing the dazzling black evening dress she wore on the red carpet with a Canadian tuxedo at the party.

One brave soul wore a mesh dress with nothing but a thong underneath, and a group of elegant older men—art types—were in newsboy hats, pearl accessories, and fun neckties. Other than that, it was a really cold first fall evening, so there were plenty of reasonable coats. Four negrones.

Someone saw Noah Baumbach “moved from behind by a group of female publicists,” and while Turner Smith and Gerwig showed up late, the driver was noticeably absent. (Indeed, Driver, who is famous for saying that watching himself on screen makes him want to vomitdidn’t sit through a screening of the movie, and can be seen slipping into an opera box with his fellow actors as the credits roll.)

in another place, Vicky Crips Explained in fast German, while Blythe Danner Swan, mostly camouflaged in the crowd above 70. It was also a strong night for talented Nebo . children: Grace Gummer appeared, as I did Cooper Hoffmanwhile Emily Mortimer accompanied her teens, Sam and May Nivola, who were the best part of white noise. Five negrones.

“It’s like the kind you hear in the bathroom of a semi-cute restaurant.” Three Negroni.

Cones of fries and sliders were passed, and there were multiple buffet stations for those who wanted a hot dinner. This meant that the entire space was stuck in a swamp of food smells that summoned Delta Lounge. And although my negroni was good – adorned with a giant sealed ice cube NYFF – I’m docking points because the bartender with Campari beans refused to give me a glass of water, insisting that his hands were tied when it came to anything except “Campari-based cocktails”. Did I mention that the event was sponsored by Campari? Four negrones.

Mostly made up of or not white noise it was good. Apparently, this was true of the novel, and perhaps even more so, making it a rather pretentious text. Personally? I don’t know. Gerwig wore a stunning wig, baby actors? sublime.

As I was on my way out, someone said, “Everyone should be Thrilling for Noah. “ four Negronis.

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