‘I hope Venus keeps you away’ – US star Riley Opelka’s satirical criticism on ‘Election Day’ met with backlash from the tennis world

American tennis star Riley Opelka has been away from the tour for quite some time now. The 25-year-old last played at the Citi Open, losing to Nick Kyrgios in the second round. Furthermore, he missed the remaining US hard court swing and the US Open. So far, the 25-year-old has not given any updates regarding his comeback.


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Although he is currently away from the tour, the American keeps a close eye on all tennis action and also gives his views on social media. One such opinion on Twitter recently sparked a lot of hate online. Here’s what happened.


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Riley Opelka was quick to see his opinions on voting and politics

The talk of the town all over the United States is the midterm elections. Different people have different agendas and have their own reasons to support their favorite party. A few of the tennis community have also come forward urging their fans and followers on social media to vote. Opelka found it absurd for people to ask others to vote. This is what it is Wrote.

“Imagine asking people to go vote,” He tweeted.

When a fan questioned his tweet, Opelka explained why he thought it was illogical to do so. “Exactly! Politics and ideology don’t exist in tennis..or at least they didn’t when I fell in love with the game”, Reply to the fan is intrigued.

Opelka’s views were not welcomed by many others on Twitter and the 25-year-old received a lot of criticism for his opinion. Here’s how a few fans reacted on Twitter.

One fan created images of legendary tennis players who actively worked for political awareness and raised their voices on various social issues.

One fan wrote in response to Opelka’s tweet,

Another fan Opelka hurried.

While the American opposed ideas of asking people to vote, one fan asked how it was different from asking people to watch their tennis matches.

There are rumors about Opelka dating tennis legend Venus Williams. One fan targeted the Opelka with this in mind.

One fan thought it was a purposely insulting tweet from Opelka to criticize Coco Gauff.

Another fan attacked Opelka for being ignorant because he belongs to the majority community.

One fan, in particular, was not happy with the way Opelka has behaved lately. The 25-year-old demanded his stance and recent comments.

Here are some other tweets against his opinion.

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“Women are still playing for less, so shut down F**k Up” – Riley Opelka’s tweet about worrying about his fellow Americans got horribly wrong as the tennis world mocks him for his ignorance

about 1 month ago


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In recent days, Opelka has found himself in turbulent waters due to such statements. While he has every right to express his opinion, a platform like Twitter bridges the gap between celebrities and fans. Even a simple disagreement can bring you a huge amount of hate online.


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