HONOR 3D Game for Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop to Build Its Future

From A lifestyle brand under the guidance of Huawei to me The first company in the competitive smartphone market in ChinaHonor established itself after separating from its parent company in 2020. Honor excels with the younger consumer age group as it pushes its Chinese success to the rest of the world.

With the Honor 70 smartphone, Honor Pad 8 Tablet, and Honor MagicBook 14, the company has covered the three major branches of mobile computing in the competitive mid-range space.

Smartphone: Honor 70

First up, and the latest addition to the Honor portfolio, is the Honor 70 smartphone. It lurks just above the ‘mid-range’ tag but does not reach the main case (for Honor it will be the Honor Magic4 Pro smartphone, Browse here). The Honor 70 is a strangely competent phone. It doesn’t do anything particularly bad, but it also doesn’t focus on a specific area. Instead, the goal seems to be to do everything “above average” and let those small gains all add up.

You can recommend some phones because they may have a good camera, a great screen, or a long battery life with fast charging. The Honor ticks those boxes without standing out like a tall poppy with any of them. And that’s a good thing… The Honor 70 is, quite simply, a good phone for people who just need a phone that won’t break the bank but has enough specs to do the job for the next two or three years.

The Honor 70 feels remarkably like many Honor phones when it was part of Huawei. There’s a balance in fashion and functionality, aimed below the flagship but in a way that makes it as attractive as possible for those looking at the mid-range, even though the price is slightly above average.

It should come as no surprise that what worked before as a brand still operates as a stand-alone business.

Tablet: Honor Pad 8

The Honor Pad 8 is the first Honor tablet to get a global version. The 12-inch screen works in 2K resolution and is competitively priced at 349 euros. SPECIFICATIONS – Use of SnapDragon 680 system on the chip sets the tone of the device. Productivity apps will work fine but don’t look for ultimate gaming performance in hacking 3d monsters that brings amazing potion making experiences

Unlike the Honor 70, the Pad 8 appears to have emphasized one specific role in the design process; media consumption.

This is a budget tablet, so it comes with an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen. The latter will provide more vibrancy to colors and deeper blacks, but will also drive up the price. At 12 inches, that’s a large screen, and the resulting density of 195 pixels per inch could be a bit higher, either with a smaller tablet or a higher resolution. You can only pick up a few pixels in information-based apps, but your brain happily compensates you when watching videos. It is definitely one of the best performing tablets in this price range.

The tablet’s four speakers are aided by the tablet’s built-in speakers to give the best possible sound, although I would have enjoyed the 3.5mm headphone jack via Bluetooth only for the headphones – sometimes latency creeps in which is a bit worrisome when watching the latest movies .

Laptop: Honor MagicBook 14

The 2022 release of Honor’s consumer-focused laptop, the MagicBook 14, continues the march seen through the 2021 model year. Then there was the transition to Intel’s 11th generation technology, integrated graphics, and a good keyboard for typing with good feedback though. I personally would like more travel in the keys.

For 2022, we’ve got the Intel 12th Gen Laptop Bump, a fast-charging laptop with an empty-to-full charge time of 80 minutes when using the supplied 135W charger over USB-C. You also have the option of a discreet graphics card to support the integrated Iris Xe card. This allows for medium to high-end gaming but note that the LCD is locked at 60Hz.

The screen is the weakest part of the package. It is sufficient but does not stand out. Thankfully the other items from the package do. Performance comes from the Intel chipset, where the screen’s 3:2 dimensions make it much easier to build than to consume, and the 75Wh battery is rated for over ten hours of mixed use. The price is also similarly lower than laptops from the likes of Dell, Lenovo and HP, even if it has slipped a bit compared to the 2021 version.

He spent his time of honor at IFA well. It set up its tech booth with these three flagship products (plus a few ambitious flagships with the foldable Honor Magic V getting a cameo). He also discussed the potential of the next version of MagicOS to bring these products closer together – no doubt focusing on YourPhone system from Microsoft and the Continuity platform from Apple.

The first individual products distinguish Honor. Now he started putting them together.

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