Has Nick Saban considered leaving Alabama for Texas? Crimson Tide coach’s rumored interest in Longhorns job revisited

Alabama vs. Texas is rarely played between two of college football’s top programs – and one that has created several points of tension between the two fan bases.

This tension is partly due to a number of controversial plays that have taken place in previous competitions.

Crimson Tide fans claim that Joe Namath actually scored in the fourth quarterback’s offside and goal in the 1965 Orange Bowl. Similarly, Texas fans claim that the result of a 2010 BCS National Championship game would have looked different if quarterback Colt McCoy had not been at the start of the match.

But one rumor that has plagued both Texans and Alabama over the years has nothing to do with playing on the field. Instead, it centers around Nick Saban: How close is he to leaving Crimson Tide to take over the Longhorns after the 2012 season?

The question didn’t matter several years ago, as Saban and his wife – affectionately known by their fan base as Miss Terry – appear to be rooted in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (This, Saban Signed a massive extension With Alabama, he will witness his training during the 2029 season).

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Saban, on his Thursday radio show, finally spoke out about his rumored interest in a Texan job after the 2012 season, telling host Chris Stewart that he had never spoken to the Texans and was not interested in coaching Longhorn.

“You know there’s really nothing to worry about,” said Saban.via AL.com). “You can blame your colleagues for that because they made it.

I’ve never talked to these people and you ruin relationships when you do. Mac Brown was a good friend of mine and someone I respect a lot and he’s the coach there and all anybody can talk about is that I’m going to replace him.

“I don’t think that’s fair to me, especially when I didn’t speak to them and wasn’t interested in the place.”

As Saban pointed out, the Texans were on the verge of moving on from Hall of Fame coach Mac Browne (who resigned from the program in December 2013). Furthermore, Saban gained an unfounded reputation for dropping out of schools after only a few years of leading the program.

He stayed only one year in Toledo (1990); five years at Michigan (1995-99) and LSU (2000-04); and two years with the Miami Dolphins (2005-2006) in the NFL. After the 2012 season — in which he won his third championship in four seasons — Saban stayed with Alabama longer than any other show: six years.

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While Saban claims he had no interest in a Texas job, Retrieved by The Associated Press His agent, Jimmy Sexton, confirmed that he had unofficial communications about Saban’s coaching for the Longhorns with former Texas governors Tom Hicks and Wallace Hall.

Sexton claimed — during a 45-minute call with Hicks & Hall in January 2013 — that Texas was the only job Saban would consider leaving Alabama for. Hicks reportedly approached Brown two days after making the call to bring up the topic of retirement.

24, 2013 from Hicks (obtained by the Associated Press through an open records request):

“Sexton asserted that Utah was the only job Nick would consider leaving Alabama for, and that his success there created particular pressure on him,” Hicks wrote.

Saban said at the time that he knew nothing of the meeting and said he was too old to start somewhere new. (He turned 62 on October 31, 2013).

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Radio host Paul Feinbaum – at 2021 appearance on Saturday Down South . podcast – He added more detail to the Texan and Saban’s rumored courtship, saying the school had already offered him. He also claims that Saban looked into it, but eventually decided he didn’t want to train there.

“I wrote a book with Jane Wojciechowski, and we had a nugget in the book that said the Texas builders tried to hire Nick Saban, which I think most people know, but we had a source that said they offered him over $100 million people and fans,” Feinbaum said. Texans acted like they didn’t want Nick Saban.” “The bottom line is that they really wanted Saban to be offered the job, and he took it.

“He told me and anyone who would confront him with this, that the reason he didn’t go to Texas — he said this in private, he didn’t say this in public — was he didn’t want to have to answer 10 or 15 different boosters who all felt like they owned the franchise. It was A bit of a Jerry Jones complex or a T-Bone Pickens complex in college football in the past.”

On December 13, 2013, Saban signed a multi-year contract extension with Alabama that is said to have paid between $7 million and $7.5 million annually. The next day, Brown announced his decision to resign from Texas.

Since then, the Longhorns have passed on to coaches Charlie Strong (record 16-21 from 2014-16); Tom Hermann (32-18 record from 2017-20); and Steve Sarkissian (6-7 records starting in 2021). Meanwhile, Saban has gone 105-11 since its extension. He also led three more rounds to national titles.

“I think you need to find something to talk about,” Saban said Thursday.

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