Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: Did Meredith call Nick about Boston Move?

We have questions, and you (maybe) have answers! As another week of TV goes by, we ask questions left and right about Lotsa programs including white lotusAnd the instinct anatomyAnd the Turnout And the existing!

Black Adam Harcourt Holland1 | she did peace makerLooks like Harcourt got a job/wardrobe promotion for her comeback to the big screen black Adam?

2 | The owner of this newsstand is from Blue blood…. he is completely He’ll sell the family watch that you know is worth $175,000, right?

3 | We did not expect SNL To affix Tom Hanks and David S. Pumpkins in full the new situation, but couldn’t the writers do anything (anything!) to modify the layout of the original graphic? And while that can’t be the case, doesn’t it look like Michael Che was seeing the Weekend Update jokes for the first time during the livestream?

4 | Why did you seal teamLisa leaves Sony to think she will Start See the Mali cover-up instead of “not now”? Wasn’t it appropriate for the lady of ISIS to speak in “vulgar” American language to Jason and Omar?

NCIS: Los Angeles5 | In addition to being somewhat illegible, it is not NCIS: Los AngelesThe new opening line is a bit too NCIS: Los Angeles: 2525?

6 | after vision The Simpsons‘Amazingly cool death note At this year’s ‘Treehouse of Horror’, can we really hope for more anime-inspired episodes?

7 | how many walking dead Viewers discover Yvette Nicole Brown’s sudden “appearance” as the gossipy Commonwealth soldier who was the key to Rosetta’s radio communication?

8 | in hamilton recordHalloween episode, How random are Jake Tapper and his son trick-or-treat at Nolan’s house? (Apparently, not very much!) And the (unannounced guest star) Bridget Reagan’s legal eagle was more ferocious than her Batuman Supervillain, poison ivy?

Halloween Rising9 | Is it almost very predictable ABC characters will dress up as Marvel or star Wars Personalities In the Halloween episodes?

10 | white lotus Fans: πŸ… Do you recognize Laura Dern’s voice as Dom’s ex-wife on the phone yelling at him to leave her alone? πŸ…‘ Which characters do you think will end up floating in the ocean by the end of the season? πŸ…’ Realistically, aren’t there a lot of local attractions and any number of restaurants can keep Tonya’s assistant out of sight every day? πŸ…“ And is it the way, road So apparently Cameron’s douche-created Theo James would teach Harper of Aubrey Plaza to “lighten” with a sharp peg, and that would actually happen?

11 | be honest, Dancing with the Stars Fans: Are you starting to fear Bobby Bones’ relationship with Vinny Guadagnino?

12 | Who was legitimate afraid during Quantum leapThe spooky Halloween episode?

good doctor13 | Why did you good doctorShaun seems unaware that it was Halloween when he walks into the examination room and sees Asher in a Baby Yoda costume? Didn’t he see Leia before he left the house, who came to work dressed as Ahsoka?

14 | What does the universe do? no pria Do you think aloe vera will help heal what is wrong with Lucas? (And in case you missed it, we had more questions!)

15th | Will Andor Explain what the prisoners were collecting? An ‘a-ha’ moment like, ‘Oh, it’s who – which Part of the Death Star’? Given that Cousin Mon There is nowhere to be seen among the rebels in star Wars Movies, shouldn’t this character buy any green bananas?

16 | the minute The Handmaid’s TaleThe mission leader spoke of his desire to come home safely to his young daughter, did you know that saving Hannah is doomed?

star girl17 | he is Stargirl in the capital The premiere of the English translation spoken with a mouth full of waffles?

18 | Should the Chicago Med Senior hospital officials concerned about attrition rate of doctors in Gaffney?

19 | Can we take a moment to say hello Chicago BDTorres for his Emmy-winning performance while undercover on this week’s episode?

20 | Isn’t it a problem that almost every feature in survivor These days quickly become public knowledge? And since Dwight has been a stickler for Janine’s idol, does his exclusion mean she’s now a SOL?

21 | Isn’t that refreshing? a challenge Fans, to finally have a season where the upcoming rookies aren’t packed in every possible way? And while we’re happy to see Scuba Nelly T earn her first daily win, shouldn’t he and Nurys throw the job away because they’re well strategically protected?

22 | Are you truly We believe that the good chucky Is it actually good, or is it just another one of Charles Lee Ray’s deadly tricks?

23 | Is Colt Cabana Back In AEW: Dynamite Spell bad news for CM Punk’s potential comeback?

Late Show24 | what about Turnout Hard to believe: Randall Park (48), Melissa Fumero (40), and JB Smoff (56) are supposed to play characters of about the same age, or the last Blockbuster would have six Employees working in the same shift? And anyone had a Late Show the trouble of watching Turnout Before preparing for Vomero’s interview questions, Corden was sure to have some fun / he asked her which scene one of the characters chose as “bully and dangerous,” truly?

25 | As fun as Marisa’s surprise and spontaneous wedding on Zeff was this penultimate week good fightIs it a problem that we’ve been cheated on seeing Ellie Gould’s daughter navigate a more important romance before the show ends?

26 | if WalkerAuggie didn’t immediately tell his dad that he was the one who actually threw the party, not Stella (who Cordell left in the holding cell!), so is Auggie the worst?

cutting edge 27 | we know ghostsTrevor was threatening to play cutting edge On repeat unless his friends buy back their TV time (in coding), but the idea of ​​watching this movie in an episode doesn’t sound like Dream? And how much rougher would Thor’s voice become if he continued to shout across the yard to his son?

28 | Which Abortion Story Show This Weekend Was More Effective: New Amsterdam or instinct anatomy?

29 | Is the understaffed clinic like this one instinct anatomyBilly and Addison really visited not one but two Volunteer doctors desperately need it to pick up a patient in another country? And we know Zola is totally Meredith’s priority, but at least she wouldn’t have been Polite If she had mentioned to Nick that she was considering moving to Boston before agreeing to do so? (And what about the needs of her other two children?)

30 | In the existing Season 4 premiere, How was Vance suddenly in Cale’s ear while Mick’s nephew was walking around the dock? Speaking of which, if Michaela is going to play the unrequited cop unobtrusively, maybe she can make an even bigger effort to hide her blond/mane identity? Finally, how cool would it be to see more hilarious Jared in Season 4? (Who do we contact about getting JR Ramirez in rom-com, stat?)

Hit the comments with your answers – And any other questions you’d like to share!

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