Great Jones is offering up to 50% off on Black Friday

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There is definitely one thing that is my favorite of both chefs and internet personality, Molly Buzz And the Claire Saffitz And I have one thing in common: the three of us love Great Jones. The brand behind the internet favourite dutch ovenColorful, functional Great Jones cookware is trusted by home cooks and professional chefs everywhere because they do exactly what you need in the kitchen, and they look great.

It’s the kind of cookware you’ll want to keep proudly on your stovetop. It’s also a great way to view your files Cooking skills treat friends and family this holiday season, and elevate the look of your favorite holiday dishes (the taste is entirely up to you, sorry!). Now through November 28, you can shop the Great Jones website to get up to *50 percent* off the cooking brand’s Black Friday sale. Which means if you are assigned to bring a file Dish For a friends holiday or holiday gathering this year, a sale is a great time to stock up on the stylish gear you’ll need to impress everyone at the table.

And if you are looking for a practical holiday gift for Home cooking In your life, the Great Jones sale is a great place to start. Scroll on for our Great Jones picks we recommend getting during the sale.

The best Great Jones Black Friday deals

Big Dutch Oven Jones in blue on a white background

The Dutchess – $110.00

Originally $160, now $110

A dutch oven is a kitchen staple – invest in a good oven, it will always be a favorite in your kitchen – and the Great Johns Dutch Oven is the coolest of all. This enameled cast iron Dutch oven is compatible with all stovetops, and can be used to cook everything from roast chicken (thanks to its oval shape) and hearty soups, to holiday stuffing and sourdough. Available in a range of bold, matte colors, Dutchess looks as good on your countertop as it does on your stove. What’s more, the sturdy yet flexible design will last a lifetime, making it worth every penny. It even comes in a small size kid version ($70)!

Great Jones hot plate in mustard on a white background

Hot Plate – $40.00

Originally $75, now $40

Green bean casserole has never looked better than it does at Great John’s Hot Plate. A modern take on your mom’s trusty oven dish, Hot Dish features a vintage scalloped pattern that comes in four fun shades. The weighty casserole dish can be used to make roasted vegetables, lasagna, muffins, cobbler, and more, and is equipped with handles for easy oven loading. And the fact that it’s dishwasher safe is a *huge* plus when it comes time to clean up the kitchen.

Flip crazy bowls of blue, mustard, and green against a white background

Stir Crazy Bowl Set – $60.00

Originally $95, now $60

Everyone needs a set of mixing bowls in their kitchen, and Stir Crazy’s set is as good as they get. The three casseroles nest into one another for easy storage, and are dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator safe—making them complete workhorses in the kitchen. We love the practical lips on either side of the bowl that allow for easy pouring and carrying, and the vintage style that adds instant charm to your kitchen. Plus, they’ll get plenty of uses in the kitchen—from mixing dough to preparing and serving salads.

Pink Holy Pan from Great Johns Black Friday sale on a white background

Holy Paper – $30.00

Originally $40, now $30

This sleek aluminum sheet pan by Great Jones comes in four bright rainbow colors and is treated with the trademark nonstick ceramic coating – so your days of scraping charred cookie bits from a baking sheet are over. The baking sheet is dishwasher safe, making cleanup easier than ever. Great Jones shoppers say the skillets’ electric colors are most stunning in person, and they don’t discolor over time. Old plate utensils can never rust. To double the savings (and the fun colors), check out Holy Paper Rainbow Collection.

Sweetie pie plate in green Great Jones Black Friday sale on a white background

Sweetie Pie – $25.00

Originally $50, now $25

Sister to the Great Jones Hot Dish, Sweetie Pie is a 10-inch ceramic pie dish that will take your pie game to the next level. The durable dish distributes heat evenly to produce perfectly golden pie crusts, and features a wavy edge that makes creasing crust a breeze and gives your pies that professional “carton pie” look. “Recently used the Sweetie Pie dish while making spinach pie,” writes a 5-star reviewer on Great Jones, “The dish is deep enough to hold all the ingredients and the best part, it’s easy to clean after use.” We love our dishwasher safe pan for quick and easy cleanup!

Great Jones Black Friday Sale Bread Bread Pan in green on a white background

breadwinner – $20.00

Originally $28, now $20

If you’re planning to have coffee cake, pumpkin, or banana bread your way during the holiday season, a Great John’s baking pan is a must. It’s designed with the trademark nonstick (and non-toxic) ceramic coating and features a corrugated bottom that keeps baked goods from sticking to the pan and allows for a deeply satisfying flip. “These pans gave the best result ever,” one Great Jones shopper wrote in a 5-star review. “The bread came out easily (I used butter), the pans were easy to clean and the bread was perfect!”

The King burns cast iron in blue against a white background

King Sir – $65.00

Originally $110, now $65

Perfect for achieving that delicious, crispy finish on chicken, steak, and other savory dishes, the Great Johns 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet is a star in the kitchen. Its large surface area makes it a solid choice for everyday cooking and entertaining large groups alike, and it comes pre-cooked so you can jump straight into cooking (and save time on cleanup!). Consider the trio of bold colors that Great Jones does best, and the $45 savings—and you have a frying pan that’s just too good to pass up!

Large Patty Jones cake pan in green on a white background

Cake Patty – $20.00

Originally $28, now $20

The round cake patty pan is the secret to browning your next dessert. The stainless steel cake pan helps give cakes a delicious golden look, and the crispy bottom allows them to easily fall out of the pan without leaving any unfortunate cake pieces behind. Great Johns Classic Ceramic Coating only adds to the pan’s non-stick properties, while adding scratch resistance to extend the life of the pan. Adding a cake patty to your cart is easy, the hard part is just choosing a color.

Little Hottie baking dish in pink on a white background

Little Hottie – $30.00

Originally $50, now $30

To make your holiday side dish feel like the main event, check out this Little Hottie baking dish. With its compact design and oversized, easy-to-carry handles, this square ceramic baking dish lets you travel seamlessly to and from your holiday gatherings. The smooth stone surface is stain and scratch resistant, so the skillet’s aesthetic remains pristine for years to come. And they nest perfectly inside the aforementioned hot plate for space-saving storage. Use it to bake casseroles, veggies, ziti, or muffins – and pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Blue muffin pan on a white background

Stud Muffin – $30.00

Originally $45, now $30

Whether you’re baking muffins, cornbread, or baby muffins, the Stud Muffin Pan is your ticket to achieving even, photo-worthy baking every time. This aluminized steel muffin pan yields dozens of muffins, and features our signature nonstick coating for quick and easy release. It’s also easy to clean, making it a low-maintenance addition to your kitchen.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn you a Well + Good commission.

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