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Bulbs leave the light of Everton

Famed Everton Football Club – the founding members of the Premier League, nine-time title winners, Dixie, the School of Science and the Bank of England – is in transition at the moment. They won the last titles in 1995, since Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Leicester, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Wigan, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, Birmingham City – Birmingham City. For goodness sake – and Swansea. Say what you want about poor reception Summit 2013In retrospect, however, the designer may have started on something when he took Nil Satis Nisi Optimum from below.

It’s been a long time since a proud old institution. So imagine how two thousand Everton fans felt when they traveled half the length of the country to watch their team begin their most realistic attempt to conquer this trophy, finding out that Frank Lampard had made 11 changes to his first squad. Now, while it’s true that Frank’s top picks didn’t make much of an impression at Goodison last weekend, when they came to Leicester’s aid. With their traffic trainingSwitching up the first pick entirely is a little drastic when you’re struggling with shape. And yes, it’s just the Milk Cup, which has often been the subject of ridicule in some quarters, but then they mocked Brian Clough when his Nottingham Forest team went to hell to win the Anglo-Scottish Cup in 1977. According to Kluge, the first little taste of glory “the latest Big difference,” and things didn’t go too bad for the tough trees after that.

Flight back to Merseyside after 4-1 defeat It will be full of bumps, what happened with Lampard throwing his players under the bus at regular intervals. He explained that he made his choice with one eye on “the really important league match for us on Saturday”, a tacit admission that Everton fear being embroiled in another relegation that undermines his dignity. But he also admitted he had made changes because “some players are knocking on your door to want to play regularly… and you’re entering them because they play for Everton and they should be able to come to Bournemouth when they make changes and compete and in opinion win the game… and they didn’t”. A full and frank shriek (yes), almost audible above the soap of angry hands. So then very important League match for his punished team? Retreat from the M6 ​​to Bournemouth, which, if nothing else, allows them to pick up angry players that Frank has stopped along the way.

Quote from today

“England and Argentina will reach the final. It will be 3-3 full-time and there will be extra time. Two goals, then penalties. No one will miss a penalty. They will have to do something extra. The game will last for 10 years, and in the end they will decide to share the cup. And after So the whole world will watch and say, ‘Wait, that’s a great idea, let’s be friends, Argentina and England are going to solve the problems of the whole world’ – we’re not really sure what odds Chris Martin of Coldplay will have that result in the Human Rights World Cup.

Chris Martin is there.
Great talk from the Coldplay team. Photo: Santiago Plogwerman/Getty Images

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