Five key things for Seattle to beat Austin FC

Austin FC is a top-tier team in 2022. The well-supported side that broadcasts supportive sentiments for Cascadia struggled deep in Texas early on, but is now fully capable of winning the cheerleader’s shield. Their season is a success story.

their history against Seattle Sounders This is Nidal’s story. Seattle 1-0-2, +1 against the less intense green. Will Bruyne and Raul Ruídias scored against Austin, while Diego Vagondes scored their only goal against the Sounders.

Austin is 2-2-1, -1 in his last five road games. Seattle 3-2-0, -1 in their last five home games.

restart it

Seattle looked strong at 4-2-3-1 with teens like 6s when they were defeated Houston Dynamo. Head coach Brian Schmitzer has to bring him back. Everyone is on normal rest, and now they have two weeks of playing as they did. This would make the attacking squad better. Albert Rusnak, Nico Lodeiro, and Jordan Morris were a bit far away. If these three could get back to their last year’s level of full health, the offense would be overwhelming – to be honest, if only the two of them could do that, they’d be strong enough to win.

Both DMs seem to be very good. They should be able to play together longer in this match, as Josh Atencio’s fitness wasn’t 100% as he came back from injury.

An expected lineup for the Seattle Sounders hosts the Austin Club.  They are at 4-2-3-1.  verry.  Nohu, Arega; Ymar, A. Roldan;  Atensio, Leyva;  Rusnack, Laudor, Maurice;  Ruedias.

Old New Nuho

Yes, Noah Record!

But, there were moments in the past year when scoring seemed more important to him than anything else. Perhaps that goal and superb passing will provide enough inspiration for Nohu to return to the level we’ve grown to love – potential defensive player of the year.

Seattle could use it. Offense is not good enough at this time to score more than 3 goals to win.

In addition, he is likely to face the weak side of Austin’s attack. This would be awesome. Peak Nouhou can close 40% of the field.

Shadi Al-Darwisi

Sebastien Driosi, MVP nominee, will be a challenge. He’s always on the left wing, which means there’s a potential showdown against Alex Roldan with some support from Jordan Morris. It would be better if Seattle shaded Danny Leva instead of dropping Morris.

Roldan, backed by Leyva, needs to limit Druissi’s touches and force his forward passes to be exceptional 3D hooks and slices. Don’t let the Darisi play it lightly or he will crush the speakers.

Play it directly

Austin put the defender is Nick Lima to their right and a group of men. Those wide spaces are the places where they are hollow, and those are also the places where Seattle’s second-best striker thrived in 2022.

Edit Jordan Morris to be the biggest blast factor he could be.

With 10 goals and 5 assists in all competitions this season, Jordan can return to what he earned in the All Star Game by collecting half a dozen goals and assists during this round.

Every match is a final, and Seattle is fairly good at that

I read it and loved it. The theme of the team is that Every final match. How good was this team in the finals while under Brian Schmitzer?

  • CCL – final one; One big win
  • League Cup – 1 final; One narrow loss 3-2 that included two penalties against
  • MLS Cup – four finals; One great win, one crushed cup lift, two losses

Other Finals in Sounders History? Five Open Cups with four wins. Two versus three at the USL Championships led by Brian Schmitzer. Two for two in the league championship. Two final appearances during the NASL era.

There is recent success and a collective history that says this team is able to continue running as an underdog, earning the right to play in the knockout rounds and then winning.

This is our tradition, our history and our unbearable flag that we wave at every opportunity.

drink water

This is the sixth element about you. There will be heat – high temperatures are expected to be around 90 degrees. There will be massive fire smoke – the AQI has already crossed 100 in most of western Washington and is expected to get worse throughout the day.

Match Day is a vital community effort for many of us. The best way to combat heat and smoke is to be well hydrated. Another great way to fight smoke is to wear a mask – you probably still have plenty left.

Stay safe. Strong support.

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