Fake tweet about free insulin is sweeping the internet

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Someone posted this fake, but factual post on Twitter on Thursday, which raised the hopes of millions of people struggling to pay for insulin. The verified fake tweet was online by Three hours and has 1,500 retweets and 10,000 likes.

Al Tompkins drew an X on a fake tweet to discourage people from catching it and trying to keep the lie alive. (Twitter and Al Tompkins)

I suppose this was a double protest for drug costs And Twitter verified the new check mark in exchange for payment.

Lilly replied:


The insulin rumor may be part of a battle over insulin prices that Lilly has been trying to respond to in recent days. Study by T1 International, found that 1 in 4 people with diabetes in the United States reported rationing insulin due to high prescription costs. Another study just published in Annals of Internal Medicine More than one million people with diabetes in the United States said they would ration their supplies in 2021 because of the cost.

Lilly responded to the recent protests by saying:

Lilly is committed to making insulin affordable for all people with diabetes, regardless of income or insurance status. In the past years, we have offered multiple solutions that have progressively lowered the cost of out-of-pocket nighttime insulin. Today, anyone can purchase their Lilly insulin prescription for $35 or less per month, regardless of how many pens or vials they use, and whether they are uninsured, use commercial insurance, Medicaid, or are enrolled in a Medicare Part D participant plan.

The truth is that our solutions have a real impact on people with diabetes. Despite the higher discounts, the average monthly cost of a nighttime insulin has fallen 44 percent, to $21.80, over the past five years. Lilly has not raised menu prices for any insulin since 2017 and continues to take steps to help lower personal costs.

You can also Read recent data Of the two other pharmaceutical companies that produce insulin.

7 million Americans must use insulin daily to control diabetes. This summer, Yale researchers found:

14% of people using insulin in the United States experience what is described as a “catastrophic” level of spending on insulin, meaning they have spent at least 40% of their post-subsistence income – what is available after paying for food and housing – on insulin.

All this background might explain why someone would combine frustration with insulin and Twitter into an ill-advised protest post.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday That “several top privacy and security executives resigned from Twitter on Thursday, citing concerns about the risks from leading Elon Musk in a spectacular mass exodus that prompted federal regulators to warn that they may be stepping in.”

About the verified fake accounts, The Washington Post reported:

Musk said the company would suspend such accounts, but a number of the fake accounts remained online for hours, receiving tens of thousands of likes and retweets. Early Thursday, in Response To someone who stated that Biden was fake talking about performing a sexual act, Musk responded with two laughing emojis.

CNN: Twitter is battling a wave of impersonators after the launch of its new paid verification system by Brian Fong

And on Muck Rack journalists: This is a little Chrome extension It can help you tell the difference between actual verified accounts and blue twitter users. Just install the extension and see the difference. Made by Will Cigar And the Walter Lim. At the moment it is a ‘developer’ extension but when approved it will be easier to install.

The link will walk you through the installation process and help you spot the difference between tweets like these:


There is a glimmer of hope today that Americans will avoid a national rail strike. The third largest of the 12 unions voting on a new contract with rail companies has agreed to a “cooling off” period starting on November 20 and running until December 4.

The Brotherhood’s Road Maintenance Staff Division, the international business group, rejected the latest business deal brokered by the Biden administration.

A number of trade associations, including the American Trucking Associations, the National Retail Federation, the US Chamber of Commerce, the US Farm Bureau, the International Movers Association, and the International Bottled Water Association, are appealing to President Biden to once again engage in preventing National rail strike. The president cannot prevent a strike, but Congress can.

This may all sound familiar. On the eve of the strike scheduled for September, unions and the railroad reached a tentative agreement mediated by the Biden administration. But so far, seven of the 12 railway federations, including two of the largest, have agreed to the proposal. Two more rejected it and three more will vote on the agreement soon. during the Weekend, 52% of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers voted for the new contract, which includes 24% increases and $5,000 in bonuses. But all 12 unions must agree to the contract to avoid a strike.

A message from the trade associations says:

We are writing to you today urging you to continue working with the railroad and rail unions to ensure that the parties ratify the preliminary agreement you helped mediate in.

“It is critical that these contracts be ratified now, as the rail shutdown will have a significant impact on the US economy and will lead to further inflationary pressures.”

Unfortunately, we have seen two unions reject the agreement and there are fears that others will follow. If so, we could see a strike that would shut down the entire freight rail system. As the White House has played such a central role in the process, we believe it can be instrumental in continuing to move the process forward in a positive direction.

The Associated Press reported:

The head of the Brotherhood Association for the Maintenance of the Road Workers Division said that unacceptable Its agreement said earlier this month if the railways won’t look Adding sick time, he has no choice but to prepare for the strike next month. Union President Tony Cardwell said railroad executives continue to “bow to Wall Street’s continued desire to get more than its fair share” as they report billions in earnings.

JDSupra indicates Why railroads are so critical to the American supply chain.

Today, railways represent 27% of merchandise shipments as of 2020. Its spread throughout the United States makes it an ideal transportation method for delivering goods over longer distances than any other method. Second only to trucking to compare tons and miles in the United States, each bulk and goods train can carry up to 500 truckloads. In fact, Freight trains can carry one ton of freight over 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. This makes it more efficient to transport products.

These are the major rail corridors in the United States. Think of them as train highways.

(search portal)

Remember that today’s trains are just part of the multimodal way of transporting goods which includes barges, trucks and trains.

OilPrice.com indicates Although we might think of trains as a way to transport things across America, they are an essential means of transporting American products to the world.

Almost ⅓ for everyone US exports Reliance on the transportation of goods. Food, wood, coal, and metals are all moving across the United States’ 140,000 Miles of shipping ways. For this reason, many US commodity suppliers are concerned about the possibility of another major rail strike.

In September, two of America’s 12 railroad unions rejected negotiations, putting a potential blow again on the table this winter. This latest steel news has buyers and sellers wondering: What does this mean for the metal?

About 52% of all US freight shipments are made up of accumulated goods. for example, coal and iron Ore, and steel scrap are three common shipping commodities that are transported daily across the United States. This also includes coke used in steel production. Therefore, US steel mills rely in particular on the ability of rail systems to move these items on site. In the event of a blow, it means a big problem at an already sensitive time.

I asked the FAA what you had to say about airline seats and people dumped their frustration.

Major airlines have lowered their bus seats to 17 inches from 18.5 inches, and have lowered the distance the seats can recline as well. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not regulate comfort, but it is interested in whether smaller seats could cause a safety issue if people have trouble getting out of them in an emergency. In its most recent resultsThe Federal Aviation Administration has determined that today’s smaller seats are not a safety issue.

I put some search terms into the FAA website to get a feel for what some people have written. Hundreds mentioned the words “torture” or “disturbance.”


If the Republican Party becomes a majority in the US House of Representatives, we will (probably) have a new House Speaker of the House of Representatives. But the rules for how to choose a speaker may surprise you.

For one thing, you don’t have to be a member of the House of Representatives to be president. Members have to nominate the person, but in theory, they can nominate you. You say that, there in Article one, section two It is from the constitution that the council “selects its president and other officials”. Non-members were nominated, including Colin Powell. He was not selected but was nominated.

After being nominated, a person needs a majority of the votes of the members of the House of Representatives present and voting. If all members are present, a candidate will need 218 votes. The votes usually fall along party lines, so whoever represents the majority lines up behind one person and chooses one of them. In 1849, the House of Representatives sat for 19 days without being able to elect a president because no candidate could corner a majority of the votes cast. Finally, after the 59th ballot, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution declaring that a president could be elected by a majority. Howell Cobb of Georgia was eventually elected president but resigned from his government job to join the Confederate Army where he became a general.

There was, for a while, a limit on the number of speakers, but that was scrapped. Each term lasts two years, the duration of each session of Congress. According to the House Rules, “the House Speaker’s role as an impartial speaker, and its provisions serve to protect minority rights.” This passage is noteworthy because the speaker’s function is overtly neutral, and the phrase assumes that the speaker is a man.

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