Excerpts from the Capitals’ 4-2 pre-season win over Red Wings

The Washington Capitals were victorious Wednesday night against the Detroit Red Wings. The Caps left that late inside the Capital One Arena but got the job done with most of their regulars in the squad.

Conor McMichael, Nick Jensen, Conor Brown and Alex Ovechkin scored the goals of the matches.

Here are some of the highlights of the game.


Tyler Bertozzi scored the first hit as the wingers were enjoying five to three.

Conor McMichael hooked things up via Alex Ovechkin and gave us all the free pieces.

Michael Rasmussen sent one upstairs on Darcy Quimper with a little extra on it.

Elite scorer Nick Jensen burnt his former team with a wrestler who fought his way through a crowd.

Conor Brown hit the board again in pre-season to give his team a late lead.

Alex Ovechkin to the blank grid, Pauls.


  • It’s just pre-season so nothing really “disturbing” so far but Capitals offense has been contained outward a lot during these show games. way too many individual transformations. Just something to watch as the regular season gets underway.
  • Really good to see Conor McMichael Get the registration sheet with a goal and help. I don’t think he would put the list in his favorite middle position, but making it at all would be a good thing for him and the kib. He created better offensive chances than almost any striker in five against five last season.
  • We had our first look at Conor Brown in the top line. It sure looks like he’ll be the man there for the first game against the Boston Bruins. They did some good things early on in both their first and third periods, but overall it looks like they’ll need more time together to gel.
  • TJ O’Shea I went to the locker room After he received an embarrassing blow from Joe Felino and did not return. The brunt of the blow seemed to have come to his shoulder and that’s not Bueno as he has a history of shoulder problems. Hats says he will be reassessed tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s not too dangerous but it doesn’t look great.
  • I’ve seen enough of Alexi Protas. He should be on the team and in the NHL this season. The big digger is seen on nearly every shift at this point and has played all three up and down front positions in the lineup with equal success.
  • Darcy Comber He was pretty cool on his first full start with the hats. The Wings definitely had more high stakes opportunities, and he was up to the task many times over.

One final pre-season game for the Hats and returns at home on Saturday against the Columbus Blue Jackets. We’re almost done, folks.

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