Ex-Iron singer Paul Diano explains why he once compared Steve Harris to Hitler

Last May, the previous iron maid Singer Paul Diano Came face to face with virgin Guitar player Steve Harris For the first time in three decades before the band’s concert in Croatia.

Harriswhose group started the 2022 stage from its end “Legacy of the Beast” World tour at Arena Zagreb with a capacity of 22,000 people, I went out before the show to greet a wheelchair diano And chat with him for a few minutes. diano He also had a short discussion with virginlongtime manager Rod Smallwoodwho was traveling with the group.

After a friendly meeting with HarrisAnd the diano Stuck long enough to watch some virginBefore leaving towards the end of the group to avoid a big traffic jam after the show.

Request in a new interview with Sakis Fragos from Greece hard rock Why would he take the time to meet? Harris And the small wood When he was criticizing the two in the past, referring to small wood as such “Rod Smallwalletand comparison Steve to me Adolf HitlerAnd the diano Answered (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I never called [Rod] Rod Smallwallet. Call him a journalist Rod SmallwalletAnd we thought it was all funny, so everybody in iron maid He called him this, because it was pissing him off. So this is the end of that.

“I called steve hitler Once. [Laughs] Because of the way he runs [the band]” pee explained. “It’s like a silly army. It’s so focused. I can’t think of anyone else [compare him to]. I said “Hitler” [but] I didn’t mean it that way.”

Given the circumstances that led to his departure from virgin and whether it is true that it has anything to do with his vocal performance, pee He said, “My record represents itself. I’ve played more shows than iron maid They’ve played before… They’ve played a lot of concerts, but I’ve played a lot more than ever. So it wasn’t about my voice. He had nothing to do with that. I was upset about some things, which were private things in the band. And maybe the way you dealt with them wasn’t right, but I dealt with them. And this is the end of it. That is as much as I will say.”

dianowho had been receiving physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage treatments in Croatia, finally underwent knee surgery on September 12. virgin The camp helped him with any of the costs involved in his medical treatment, pee He said, “Yeah, they did. Near the end. It was very nice of them. What happened was we were about to get there, but there was just too much money for the surgeries.” Because everything is done privately too; This is how you get better attention. And the iron maid I just called, called their management, and said, “We’re going to take care of the rest of it now. So we’re going to pay for the final parts. And that’s all important, but the last part is clearly the last part. There are still a few small issues to deal with, but [we’re almost there]. [So] Thank you, iron maidAnd most of all, thanks to the fans.”

Pressed on whether it was true that he was not properly compensated for his work in the first two iron maid albums pee He said, “I have absolutely nothing to comment on, because, to be honest with you, it’s no one’s bad deed. I’ve been well paid. I’m very happy about it. Look, if I try to say,” and iron maid He didn’t pay me enough money, “It’s a bad reflection on me iron maid. And I don’t take it. I received my salary well. They took care of me. end of story.”

diano She recorded two classic albums with iron maid – A self-titled effort in 1980 and “the killers” In 1981 – before he was expelled and replaced Bruce Dickinson. A number of other bands went forward, including the killers And the battle zoneand released several individual recordings.

diano make the aforementionedHitlerCommenting during a 2009 press conference in Argentina where he was asked about rumors that his drug use was related to his breakup with virgin. “Where do you get this from?” Asked. “I’m leaving iron maid Because they were heading towards heavy metal, and iron maid It’s a money-making machine, and I don’t care about it. It wasn’t about drugs. It was such a thing. me and Steve… I [wrote] The song “Killers”. Steve It was [what he thought] The songs were the best. I thought his songs were sloppy. It has nothing to do with drugs. nothing at all. Check your facts or this interview is over… I hate it! I hate that! Because people… you say something but you don’t know. Well, I’m telling you. iron maid he is Steve Harristhe band. It doesn’t matter to anyone else – whether that’s the case Dave MurrayAnd the Clive [Burr]I… it’s Steve HarrisThe band and all that is money, money, money, money – no one matters. And I wrote 20 times better songs than his, but I only got one in “the killers” album because SteveHe must have this. fuckin Adolf Hitler. I’m not interested so there you are. But you need to take drugs when you’re with her iron maid Because they are so boring. And the only drugs were aspirin, because Steve [making hand gesture as if someone is speaking into his ear]…a fuckin headache.”

Over a decade and a half ago, diano Tell Jerusalem Post to leave virgin The juggernaut behind him was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and that he had no bitter feelings for his former bandmates. “I have absolutely no regrets about leaving virgin – I wasn’t in my head at the time to be in the middle of it all, “I’m so sick and disappointed; I could have fooled the fans and me if I had stayed. It was easy to get away from, and I’m so glad the band got bigger and bigger.”

several years ago, diano Tell metal thunder radio He was not involved virginCompose songs as he would like. “Steve Most lyrics and song lyrics [to the band’s first album] All written. These were some of the sticking points we had in the band – and I couldn’t write as much as I wanted. Because I’m actually a prolific writer, but a lot of my songs haven’t been accepted. Because he SteveObviously the band.”

He continued, “This first album was an inspiration, I have to tell you. It was amazing. And the second album, for me, is not so much. And that’s when I started to lose interest a little bit. But [we] resident [had] Great times – really great times.”

in May, pee He performed his first full solo concert seven years ago at the Packers Bear Factory in Zagreb. The show was filmed and parts of it will be included in a documentary about dianodirected by Wes OrchowskiCo-Director and Producer of the popular 2010 movie “Lemmy” about MOTÖRHEAD icon.

The Zagreb party was free and was held as a way of expressing thanks peeFans help them through the toughest time of his recovery. The show was held only one day before iron maidgig at Zagreb Arena.

diano Recently she collaborated with several Croatian musicians to form a new project called war horse. war horse I entered the studio to record three songs, two of them – “Stop the war” And the ‘Doubt within’ Released as a special limited edition single DVD.

image credit: Wes Orchowski / Stepan Jurass

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