Ericsson reclaims Indy glory after designing the Borg Warner Cup

Chip Ganassi Racing-The Swedish Honda star, who turned 32 earlier this month, flew to Tryon, North Carolina, to take photos of Bernds who has sculpted the face of every winner since Ari Luyendyk in 1990. With a strange coincidence, Bernds began working on Luyendyk’s life In September of that year, the same month that Ericsson was born, this is 33 years oldresearch and development sculpture.

Ericsson joked that his girlfriend Iris Tretsaris “prefers my clay model over the real one” before praising Berndis for his work, and enjoying the experience of winning the world’s largest race.

Photo by: Steve Shank

“It’s a great experience,” he told “About 500, there are so many wonderful traditions, and one of the best of these, the statue, and the fact that your face goes to the Borg Warner Cup. It’s unique in the world of sports to have your face on the cup; it’s incredible.

“And now to be here and experience it, to be sitting with Will, is very special. He worked on it from pictures, and then when I arrived, he took notes and made small adjustments, but frankly, the rule he made was very good indeed. I was very impressed when Unveil it.

Photo by: Steve Shank

“You never know, because it’s not every day that someone does a sculpting of your face! It’s a bit hard to know what to expect, but yes, I was very impressed.”

Ericsson, who was in the IndyCar Championship competition until the final round of the year and eventually finished sixth for the second year in a row, said the title fight prevented him from truly winning his 106th race victory.The tenth Running the Indianapolis 500. Now, he said, he’s starting to get a taste of it.

“Yeah, you say, we had an intense season, right after the 500,” he said. “I was in the midst of that, fighting for the championship all year long, so it was a little hard to sit back and think about what happened there in May – the fact that we won it and I’m the Indy 500 champion forever. So I think it’s something I’m going to take some time and think about and let it sink in. in it.

“Coming here to North Carolina for this is a very nice way to go into the holiday season and achieve what we’ve achieved.”

BorgWarner Inc. hopes. Currently in the process of sending the trophy with Ericsson to Sweden, and that prospect is making the former Formula 1 driver very excited.

“This would be unbelievable,” he said, “and it does seem likely to happen.” “We will bring her to Stockholm, and my city of Kumla [in Orebro]then stand with a statue of Ronnie Peterson [in Almby, also part of Orebro]. And the King of Sweden is a big fan of racing and IndyCar, and I think he might want to get involved as well. A lot of wonderful things can happen.”

Ericsson said that interest in IndyCar has been growing in Sweden every year since 2019, when he and his compatriot Felix Rosenqvist Join the series.

Erickson, Bernds

Erickson, Bernds

Photo by: Steve Shank

“Last year when I won two races, that interest increased even more and this year it’s really big. There was a lot of coverage around the IndyCar and the 500. If we could bring the Borg Warner Cup to Sweden, it would grow even bigger. It would be a win, great for the series, great for Indy 500.”

Ericsson expects to be even more powerful next year’s 500, as Chip Ganassi Racing-Honda is likely to be one of the strongest teams in the field, even if rivals make gains, and now he himself has confidence that he can figure out how to do it. receipt.

“Yeah, I think the cool thing is that by the month we had a plan and we’ve pretty much implemented that plan, pretty much,” he says. “We were ahead in almost every session, qualified in advance, then ran the top five, the top six for the first 150 laps. But the car preparation and driving were right, and that’s how we won the race.

“We knew how fast we were going, and we had the speed on hand during the early laps, but we were flying a little under the radar, to make sure we were there all the way to the end. Then when we needed to put in a lot of effort in the last 30 or 40 laps, we put the foot down [got around the two Arrow McLaren SP cars] And no one else had anything for us.

“Well, what we did and the way we did it gives me all the confidence. It’s very difficult to win Indy once, but at least now we have the experience. The regulations will be similar if not the same next year, so there is no doubt that Ganassi and I will be able to challenge In order to win again.”

The humble Swede also admits that he thinks the wait during the red flag period is toward the end, following his teammate Jimmy Johnson Hitting the wall, and his subsequent ability to fend off Pato Award’s attack in the final penalty shootout has marked him as mentally resilient.

Ericsson stopped O'Ward's last attempt at passing.

Ericsson stopped O’Ward’s last attempt at passing.

Photography: Michael L. Levitt / motorsports pictures

“You don’t get more high pressure and intensity than a 500 restart with two laps remaining, knowing that you are two laps away from winning the biggest race in the world,” he said. “Waiting for a reboot during the red flag, having all those thoughts trying to get into your head, doesn’t get much more difficult than that in the sports world. So to deal with that kind of pressure and implement a plan I’ve had in my head the last couple of sessions and how I wanted to do it.. .

“I was upset by the time Jimmy crashed – I felt like I had to win the race twice! – but in the end the way I won was great. In these last two laps I have had to use all the strength, experience, knowledge and skill I have accumulated in my career.

“It was very, very cool.”

Marcus Ericsson, Chip Ganassi Racing

Marcus Ericsson, Chip Ganassi Racing

Photo by: Steve Shank

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