Energy bills: Britons urged to join hands to prevent ‘cost of life crisis’ | energy bills

The head of the World Energy Council (WEC) has warned that Britons must develop a spirit of “radical generosity” to prevent lives lost due to rising gas and electricity bills this winter.

Angela Wilkinson, Secretary-General of the World Economic Council, said a failure to unite communities across Britain during the colder months would “move on”. [this] From a cost-of-living crisis to a cost-of-living crisis.

WEC is a not-for-profit industry network of more than 3,000 member organizations in nearly 90 countries, including government agencies, private and state corporations, and academia.

Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, last week announced plans to freeze energy bills expected to cost taxpayers more than £150 billion, in one of the government’s biggest interventions to protect families from rising gas and electricity costs.

But Wilkinson argued that while “pain relief” was needed from the government over the bills, citizens needed to do their part. “It has to be a self-organised response to this energy crisis, not just a top-down government response,” she said.

We should not expect governments to tell us what to do all the time. Society can better prepare and we can organize for that. In World War II, there were community kitchens that provided food.

“Schools are now feeding children. So there is not only a lack of community investment. There is also a lack of kindness and reciprocity. This is a time of radical generosity in the UK.”

charities and Consumer Heroes They warned that individuals taking action alone will not be enough to prevent millions from risking poverty this winter, given the sheer scale of the increase in the cost of living. Inflation reached The highest level since the early 1980sWhile Britain faces the risks of a long-term recession.

It is estimated that the number of UK households suffering from fuel poverty could double to 12 million in January without government action. The Coalition to End Fuel Poverty said 42% of households would not be able to afford to heat and power their homes as of January.

The plans announced by Truss will limit the increase in gas and electricity bills for a typical family to £2,500. However, the number is still more than double the level of last winter.

However, Truss proposal will prevent the cost of the model invoice from arriving £3,549 from start of October. Before its cancellation, some forecasts said Ofgem’s price ceiling could have risen to nearly £7,000 next year, as the Russian war in Ukraine exacerbated wholesale energy price hikes.

Charity stores, hosting community bake sales and distributing toys to people unable to buy Christmas gifts are among the ways citizens can help, Wilkinson said.

She said, “I know in my neighborhood who will suffer the most. I can go and knock on their door and say, ‘We have a free warm house this weekend, come on.'” I know who the 84-year-old in my neighborhood would benefit from. – I don’t need the government to ask me to do this.”

Governments across Europe have stepped in to protect consumers from price hikes, as have the European Union and the United Kingdom Check options To reform wholesale energy markets to lower bills.

There are fears that their actions will not be enough to completely insulate homes this winter, especially if Russia cuts gas supplies to Europe, which could raise prices and even lead to blackouts.

“There has to be some social solidarity here — we will have to find comprehensive solutions, from the bottom up, at the community level,” Wilkinson said.

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