Eagles News: Fully Guaranteed Contract Extension for Jalen Hurts?

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Expect NFL Week 9 disruptions, plus weekly buzz, and notes – ESPN +
Graziano: The floor should be the Murray deal, which was $46.1 million annually with a $103 million guarantee upon signing. This is the ground – where conversations should start if you’re a Hurts agent and keep playing the way you’ve played so far. If he wins the Super Bowl this year, or if he wins the MVP award (or both!), the average should be at $50 million. My question is if he will follow in Lamar Jackson’s footsteps and push toward a fully secured deal, and if he does, what will the Eagles do about it? As I’ve written for a number of years now, the only way NFL players will get fully guaranteed contracts is if brokers insist on them while enjoying leverage. If the Eagles want to talk about extending the contract with Hurts at the end of this season, as I think they will, it is now clear that he will have a huge amount of leverage. Remember: Hurts wasn’t a first-round pick, so the Eagles didn’t have a fifth-year pick. He signed until 2023, and that’s it.

MVP Talk – Eagles Blitz
Against Houston, Hurts had the second-highest passer rating of his career with an average of 128.9. When was his best game? The previous week against the Steelers. Hurts has a rating of 140.6 in that game. For the season, his rating is 107.8, which is third in the league, behind only Tua Tagoviloa and Patrick Mahomes. Hurts had some great moments in 2021. He ran for 784 yards and 10 TDs. He made some good throws, but he was more of a playmaker than a consistent pass. He only threw 16 TDs. He completed only 61 percent of his passes. Losing the game against Tampa really showed his limits. He took the Bucs away from the run and dared to hit them with his arm. The Eagles trailed 31-0 before they scored a couple of late TDs. Those days are over. Hurts’ throws at AJ Brown against Pittsburgh showed how far he had come.

Rookie Eagles Report Card: Get well soon, Jordan Davis – BGN
Before yesterday, you would have been very concerned about the defense’s reaction to Jordan Davis’ loss for a few weeks. Well, if Thursday night is any indication, there is plenty of cause for concern. The running game from Texas was automatic against Philadelphia. Rookie Dameon Pierce put a masterful game to the ground, darting 27 times for 139 yards. The Eagles even tried fronts against Houston and the Texans ran at will. They’ve tried weird fronts with Milton Williams and Marlon Tuipoloto and run in Texas at will. Fletcher Cox took heavy kicks during the match, which didn’t help, but it was an ugly night for the Eagles’ defense when it came to stopping the run. Fortunately, a dominant night of pass defense offset the Texas’s rushing gains…but there are legitimate concerns that it could still be an issue.

Takeaway Eagles vs Texas – BGN Radio
The Eagles 8-0! Brandon Lee Gutton and Jimmy Kempsky go through what they learned from Philly’s victory over Houston. Men begin to defend before analyzing the attack.

Hurts benefits from his return to Houston – NBCSP
His worlds collided a bit as he ran into the field before the game, and the Eagles fans huddled near the tunnel began chanting, “Best player! Best player! Best player!” In this stadium? are you kidding? The stadium where Hurts grew up watching the Texans. The stadium that Hertz always dreamed of playing in having never happened in high school. The stadium is across from Kirby Drive where he watched Andre Johnson and JJ Watt train in Ottawa and their training camp. Johnson once gave Hertz Air Jordan cleats. Hurts returned to Houston this week to welcome the Champions. He had countless of his family and friends in the stands and they all had to celebrate who he was, is, and is. Yes, it was very special. “It hit me when I was driving in town and wasn’t coming home,” Hurts said. “I was going to the hotel. It’s a special moment, it’s a special experience. I don’t want to try it with any other group of guys.”

2023 NFL Mock Draft: CJ Stroud, Will Levis and Bryce Young top the top three, Quentin Johnston lands with Texans as WR1 – PFF
8. Philadelphia Eagles (via New Orleans Saints): EDGE Jared Verse, Florida State. Sikkema: Verse is one of the biggest entrants in the draft class after moving from Albany to Florida last season. He packed a ton of juice off the edge, and we saw it in full force when he collected seven pressures against LSU earlier this season. It’s still a bit wild in its gameplay, but it has the juice the Eagles coveted.

AJ Brown reveals fine for Eagles mocking penalty kick in Eagles’ win over Steelers on social media – CBS Sports
AJ Brown was the #1 wide receiver that the Philadelphia Eagles envisioned all season, ranking in the top five receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. Brown wasn’t a person to show off visitors all year round, but he had to empty his wallet the one time he decided to celebrate a score. Brown revealed on social media that he was fined $10,000 by the NFL for pointing fingers on two defensive backs of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Sunday’s Week 8 win. The Eagles receiver was able to capture his third moments in the afternoon – all in the first half – and decided to point out the two defensive backs covering him. Brown was reported in the play as a result.

It’s All Over: Astros 4, Phillies 1 – The Good Phight
crush. It will be talked about throughout beyond the season, and it’s a question Thompson will have to answer over and over again, but Alvarez must be given some credit for hitting the ball so hard, that far. It’s just really bad. The Astros got locked up, and the Phillies couldn’t beat anything else the rest of the game and that was it. It’s all over. We’ll have a lot more about this game, this series, and this season in the coming weeks, but right now, it’s okay to feel angry, upset, happy, grateful, but want to feel about this run. Get some sleep.

Exciting MLS Cup final ends with Philadelphia Union-Brotherly penalty shootout
Jack Elliott scored his second goal of the match in stoppage time from the second overtime only to snatch the MLS Cup away from Gareth Bale’s equalizer and a disastrous penalty shootout. The final match of the 2022 season lived up to the billing between the two best teams in the league, exchanging blows at Bank of California with the familiar heavyweight fighting style of two previous regular season draws. The hosts drew blood first against a league team that started slow when a Kellyn Acosta free kick veered off Jack McGlynn’s head into Andre Blake’s post. LAFC had the chance to double their lead in the 39th minute with a volley from Carlos Vela to Diego Palacios, but the best goalkeeper of the year was again there to deny a second goal as they now did against the New York side in the conference final.

Philadelphia becomes the first city to lose two major sports tournaments on the same day – SP Nation
Sports Philadelphia is said to be in its golden age now. The Eagles are the last undefeated team in the NFL, the 76ers started the new year with ambitions for the NBA Finals in the Eastern Conference, and the Phillies moved from the last team to make the MLB playoffs in the National League to a post-season height darling that went all the way to the world championship . Philadelphia Union also fought off the playoffs on its way to a berth in the MLS Cup after finishing the regular season tied for the most points in the league. This level of success would be pretty amazing for every city, but the fact that it happened in Philly gives it a level of intensity that can’t be approached anywhere else. Philadelphia sports fans are the kind of person who mocks Santa Claus, throws batteries at JD Drew, and grunts after releasing beer at Eagles back door. Michael Levine once tweeted “Imagine enjoying a sport in Philadelphia” – well, imagine giving this fandom so much hope! Unfortunately for Philly, a pair of the city’s best sporting success stories came to an end on Saturday. First, the Federation lost the MLS Cup on a ridiculously sensational penalty shootout against LAFC. The Houston Astros then defeated the Phillies in Game Six of the World Series to claim the championship in Major League Baseball. This is the first time a city has lost two major professional sports tournaments in one day, according to Elias Sports. [BLG Note: Fun!]

How did Daniel Jones play in 2022? Deep Diving – Big Blue View
The New York Giants team faces an incredibly important decision this year, one that could affect the direction of the Giants franchise over the next decade. The mental trust team of giants Joe Schoen, Brian Dabol and Mike Kafka have to decide whether quarterback Daniel Jones is “the guy” or just “the guy.” This is a decision the Giants desperately need to make right. While former general manager Dave Gittleman left the Giants in Hell (at least for the short term), he also gave a warning regarding the quarterback position shortly after his appointment. In January 2018, Gettleman said, “If you take a guy just to take a guy, especially a quarterback, and he fails, you take yourself five years back. You take yourself five years back because there’s a difference in what I call the hell of a quarterback. They have a good defense. They’ve got good private teams, and they’re up 7-9, 8-8, 9-7. Now if there’s a legit guy, they have to trade and give up the farm to get the guy.” For all his faults as a GM – and I’ve been frank in my criticism of Gettleman – he highlights the importance of getting the midfielder position right.

Report: Cowboys Have Interest in Best Free Agent WR Odell Beckham Jr – Blogging The Boys
While this should excite Cowboys fans as they move with some kind of daring beat on attack, it definitely makes you wonder what price Jerry Jeudy was up to. He would surely match Dak Prescott better than Branden Cox and after his stint on the IR last season, he was on the field and in good health throughout his three-year NFL career.

Washington Roster moves: FB/TE and LB removed from training squad as team deals with injuries – Hogs Haven
The Washington captains excluded 4 players from tomorrow’s home game against the Minnesota Vikings yesterday. They also included one questionable player (Shaka Tony), and two players from the coaching staff have been promoted today. Washington also added Sam Cosmi to its report of an illness. WR Kyric McGowan has been raised over the past two weeks due to injuries to Jahan Dotson (hamstring) and Dyami Brown (groin). Dotson will miss his fifth game in a row, but Brown is expected to return to the field on Sunday. That means McGowan was not promoted this week, and is still eligible for promotion again this season before he is signed to the 53-man roster to be activated.

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