Dwayne Johnson, 50, says exercise helps manage depression

Dwayne Johnson is getting realistic about being in the best emotional shape of his life at the age of 50.  (Flanery Underwood for Men's Health)

Dwayne Johnson, 50, is getting realistic about being in the best emotional shape of his life. (photo: Flannery Underwood for Men’s Health)

Dwayne Johnson says getting older is about finding balance.

while talking to Men’s health For our December cover story, the Black Adam The 50-year-old star opened up about how exercise has been his saving grace — both physically and spiritually — during some of the most difficult years of his life. She even helped him learn the power of weakness.

He explained, “During those times when I was depressed and challenged, the gym became my best friend – and I know that’s the case for a lot of people. You can go to the gym to work out the detox and get a little more clear when you walk out the door. It’s It doesn’t solve the problem, but it helps.

For the superstar, finding balance is a practice he perfects with age, and something he hopes other guys will learn, too.

He said, “As men, we have a tendency not to ask for help. Our ego gets in the way, and we start stuffing things deep in our guts, which is not a good thing. I’ve become an advocate for asking for help.”

The actor added that he found balance by “making sure I still connected to the simple, essential things that mattered to me.” After all, “life can get crazy and funny for all of us, but especially when you get a little bit of a celebrity, things tend to go awry.”

The Black Adam star says spirituality and physical fitness go hand in hand.  (Flanery Underwood for Men's Health)

The Black Adam The star says that spirituality and physical fitness go hand in hand. (photo: Flannery Underwood for Men’s Health)

In fact, while approx 347 million followers on Instagram is a “blessing,” Johnson admits, that with great power comes great responsibility. Finding ways to connect the physique and mental health of his male fans is something he takes very seriously.

“I’ve been training long enough to know there are some really good takeaways I can share that can help my fans on their fitness and wellness journey,” he said of. He routinely posts his workouts on social media. However, one of the responsibilities is to make sure that the things I post are smart, training wise – not stupid s*** that will hurt you.

Johnson’s gym routine is no joke. during filming Black Adamout Dec. 22 on HBO Max, he’s aiming to get “in the best shape” he’s ever been in — which wasn’t easy at this point in life.

“As men, you’re in your 30s, you like to think you’ve got what you want together. You generally don’t have a clue. You’re trying to work it out. And you’re trying to fake it until you make it, that kind of thing,” he said. At 40 I said, ‘Well, I’m going to spend the next decade training as smart as I can, balancing training, family and work, being an open sponge, learning every day but also not worrying about training ego, not worrying about the weight I put on the bar,’ And I push myself so hopefully, by the time I get to level 5 my joints are great and I’m still able to not only maintain them but add real muscle and some really dense muscle.”

As extreme as his routine may seem, he insists there is a spiritual method to his madness.

There is a Polynesian word called mana” notes Johnson, who says he is half black and half Samoan. What they really mean is the energy, the power, the power that we all have, and it’s always there in our world. when i talk about mana It’s a feeling I get here that’s deep in my DNA, and you can get it when you hit the gym. You can feel mana. It can be quite tangible.”

“I’ve always been connected to my culture, my family, my ancestors, but as you move along the path of life, you start to relate more to your spirituality in that kind of way where you start to realize what mana I mean actually, did you know? “.” For me , mana It became my daily anchor, a reminder of my culture. It is a reminder of who I am; It is a reminder to work hard, be humble, and show gratitude; And it’s a constant reminder to connect with people, like we can connect through him mana. It’s very powerful.”

Without a doubt, Johnson shares that knowledge with his family, too: daughters Tia, 4, and Jasmine, 6, who he shares with wife Lauren Hashian, as well as his other daughter Simone, 21, who he shares with ex-wife and business partner Danny Garcia.

When he’s not at the gym or shooting the next big movie, Johnson loves posting sweet moments with his family on social media.

In August, for example, the action star posted an adorable video tribute to Tiana.

He wrote about his daughter who had her hair sitting on top of her head, mimicking Cindy Lou Hu, a character from Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

“One day, years from now, sitting at my dad’s desk and sitting on my lap will be the last place you want to be,” Jumanji A star has been added. “So I’ll be greedy and deal with it while I can get it. Thanks for being so nice to your T-Rex daddy. You’ll understand one day.”

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