Dr. Shriram Nene swears by the ABCG juice to get “the most vitamins”

Experts swear by and recommend natural drinks because of the many benefits they come packed with, and also because they boost your body’s metabolism while helping it meet its daily nutritional needs. Along the same lines, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Shriram Nene He recently shared his favorite natural drink he had in the morning.

“Nothing like ABCG to bring along on a Sunday morning. That’s apple/beetroot/carrot/ginger juice. I think we covered most vitamins,” she says. Dr. Nene He commented on his Instagram. An appetizing smoothie is a potent blend that helps glow skin and tone the body immunity. take a look.

How do you prepare the juice?


300 g – beetroot
300 g – carrots
100 grams – apple
½ inch – ginger
½ teaspoon – lemon
Salt to taste/optional


* Beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger pieces and their juice.
* Mix well and strain to remove all the basic.
* The pulp itself is rich in fiber.
* Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt to taste.
* We mix it and serve it.

Drink a cup of this juice. (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock)

Why should you get it?

ABCG juice is powerful Detox Blend This is very popular among fitness enthusiasts, said Jarima Goyal, a registered dietitian. She said, “This miracle drink is packed with many essential nutrients like zinc, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, etc. It is best to have this juice on an empty stomach.” Indianexpress.com.

With approval, Dr. Santosh Pandey, Acupuncturist and Naturopath at Rejua Energy Center, has listed the benefits of each of the ingredients.

An apple – Apples are especially filling due to their high fiber and water content. Its polyphenols help fight obesity and reduce cholesterol due to the high soluble fiber.

beetroot – Betalains is powerful Antioxidants Which reduces inflammation and helps protect against cancer And other diseases, also increases endurance. “Beetroot and its juice help the heart and lungs work better during workouts. Nitric oxide from beets increases blood flow to the muscles. So, drinking beetroot juice when exercising improves performance,” said Dr. Pandey. Indianexpress.com.

carrot – Carrots are rich in compounds called carotenoids, which protect the skin from UV and sun damage. Vitamin A Dr. Pandey noted that it also improves skin and eye health.

Ginger – Gingerol, a natural component of ginger, is beneficial for gastrointestinal motility or the rate at which food leaves the stomach to aid digestion. “Adding ginger to food helps in efficient digestion. So, food doesn’t linger in the gut,” said Dr. Pandey.

How strong is this mix?

Goyal said the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) of various vitamins and minerals are met with this super drink. Each ingredient adds to the nutritional value of the drink on its own, however Mix “It makes for a stronger, stronger combination,” Goyal said.

She added, “This magical drink can be taken daily to reap its health benefits.” “It is a great liquid for detoxification and blood purification. Being a powerful antioxidant drink, it helps clean up the free radicals caused by oxidation of the cells of the body. ABCG juice is a great drink for rejuvenating the body,” she said while listing many other benefits.

* Immunity booster – these vitamins, mineralsAnd the And the antioxidant-packed blend boosts the body’s immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells.
* Skin friendly – Being a great detoxifying agent, this juice cleanses the body from the inside and removes all the toxins. In this way, it works as a great agent to provide a natural blush and radiance to the skin and restore the natural complexion.
* Supports weight loss – This drink is made from superfoods that fill one up after consumption and load the body with fibre. Thus, consuming these is an excellent weight loss strategy.
healthy heart – Loaded with antioxidants, these ingredients help keep blood pressure in check and cholesterol levels in check.
Anti-aging effect – “This potent drink contains vitamins A, E, B, C, K, etc. which work together to make it a natural alternative to beauty products to make skin look younger and tighter. It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Dietary fiber helps in rejuvenation,” Goyal said. Body youth.

Bad Breath Foods that Cause Bad Breath Foods to Avoid for Bad Breath Foods to Eat to Prevent Bad Breath Oral Hygiene Dental Health Fast Hindi News The juice helps with bad breath too (actor) (Source: Getty / Thinkstock)

Super drink during pregnancy – Pregnancy increases the demand for various vitamins and minerals, which is what this drink satiates. Weight problems, constipation and body aches during pregnancy can all be addressed with the use of ABCG juice.
strong hair – Shiny, strong hair with fewer split ends is the gift this potion has to offer.
Recovering from bad breath – One of the main causes of bad breath is indigestion, which is treated well with this fruit and vegetable blend.
digestive health – This juice is full of fiber and Phytonutrients This is very beneficial for digestive health and dealing with constipation.
good for the eyes – Rich in beta-carotene, this juice is essential for good vision and healthy eyes.
Cancer protective effect – Tumor or cancer cell growth can be inhibited by the natural antioxidants in this juice such as vitamin A, Vitamin C Goyal said.
brain booster – This drink enhances neural connections for faster responses. It also strengthens memory and concentration.

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