An Eternal War against the Mutant Race had rapidly engulfed the entire world and beyond, bringing not only an unfathomable amount of destruction but also the resurrection of an ancient Heavenly Deity in hopes of saving everyone. Unfortunately, this instead led to a doomsday for every being on Earth, and so far the results have been surprising, to say the least. Aside from condemning pristine characters like Captain America, some of Marvel’s oldest villains have also been condemned to horrific outcomes, most of all Kro, whose cosmic approval forever changed the course of history.

AX: Mutant death #2 (by Kieron Gillen, Guiu Vilanova, Alex Guimarães, VC’s Travis Lanham) Sees reeling Krakow mutants from the recently revived Hex. Fortunately, mutants aren’t nearly as alone as they might seem, especially not so long as Eternal’s old enemies are the perverts on their side. Led by Kro, the Deviants are able to turn the tide of battle, giving the mutants who have joined themselves a respite from the almost continuous war. Although Kro realizes that everything he has done is an insult to the Celestials who created his kind, that doesn’t stop him from sticking to his beliefs at every turn, even in the face of his cosmic god. For everyone else, this would be a death sentence, but for Kro, it’s proof that the rest of the universe has been wrong about perverts all along.

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When judgment comes upon him, Kro is ultimately determined to be worthy, as are all of his people. Far from what many had expected, Kro’s challenge was not rooted in any sense of hatred or contempt for the Celestial as a whole, but rather because of the deeply rooted cynicism that had arisen over centuries of suffering. Since Kro’s fitting first appeared in the pages of 1976 eternity #1 (by Jack Kirby), he’s been the most visible opponent of eponymous champions, but recent events prove that the Eternals are but one block away when it comes to tournaments.

Between Uranus’ unfathomable fondness for violence and the immortal Prime Minister Droig’s attempt at mutant genocide today, the Eternals have found ways to become evil in their own right. The fact that all of this was born out of the three principles that the Heavenly Creators set for them does not lend their efforts a measure of comprehension. The fact that Eternals is free to interpret these three principles as it sees fit, not to mention one of these principles that commands them to “correct excess deviation,” makes it clear that perverts have never had a fair chance.

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Not only by remaining frank in the face of ancestor’s rule, but in leading his people through the ages to this point as a united front, Kro finally opened the eyes of the celestials to every injustice they caused in their least-favorite creations. Therefore, there can be no other result than to be considered worthy. On the surface, this is the second chance as well as the general recognition that perverts have always been fighting for. Digging deeper, this is the verdict that will irrevocably change the entire Marvel universe.

If perverts had it, they probably wouldn’t be considered “excessive” in the way their eternal brethren spent their impossibly long lives believing they were. This alone can be what comes to redefine the three principles by which the Eternals live, and which can put the enemies of ancient perverts in the crosshairs of their gods. Even if the Eternals found themselves on an equal footing with the perverts, this would still be a huge shift to the status quo they created over the millennia, and there’s no telling what the new form would look like.

Marvel brings back the mother... the main villain's mother

Marvel brings back the mother… the main villain’s mother

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