Don’t Lose Your Photos: How to Backup and Sync iPhone Photos to iCloud

If you are an iPhone user who takes a lot of photos and videos, you need a way to backup them in case your phone is lost or damaged. iCloud Photos can be used to back up everything and sync everything accessible across multiple devices.

Apple offers 5GB of free iCloud storage, but since then Unlimited free storage Mostly dead these days, you’ll have to pay before long. However, iCloud gives you the ability to do so View photos and videos online And easily access them from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC (via the free iCloud app).

iCloud Storage Plans: How Much Space Do I Need?

You’ll find that backing up all your photos through iCloud will quickly eat through the free space Apple gives you. If 5GB isn’t enough to hold many years of photos and videos, you may need to invest in it iCloud +Subscription-based Apple offerings. The service offers 50GB for 99 cents per month, 200GB for $2.99 ​​per month, and 2TB for $9.99 per month.

View iCloud storage

You can measure how much space you need to store photos and videos in iCloud. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storagethen swipe the screen down to the Photos entry to see how much storage that type of content is currently using.

Review and delete photos

Next, open the Photos app on your iPhone to review the photos and videos you’ve taken. You may want to take this opportunity to Free up some space Delete anything you don’t want to save—especially if it’s taking up a lot of storage.

Enable iCloud Photos on iPhone

Now it’s time to turn on iCloud Photos. On your phone, go to settings And click on your name. Choose iCloud > Photosthen enable Sync this iPhone. You are also asked to choose between optimizing iPhone storage or downloading and keeping the originals.

icloud photo settings

If your phone is running low on space, choose Optimize iPhone storage To download smaller, lower-resolution versions of your photos. If you have enough space, choose Download and keep original copies Save larger, higher-resolution versions of your photos to your phone.

While you’re here, you might also like to play it shared albums If you want the ability to share your photo albums with other people or access albums that have been shared with you (to share photos with your Apple family, try Shared photo library While that). Allow your photos and videos to upload and sync to iCloud Photos.

Depending on how many there are, it may take some time. From this point on, anything you shoot on your phone will also be backed up to iCloud.

Enable iCloud Photos on your iPad, Mac, and Apple TV

iCloud Photos can also be enabled from your other Apple devices, including the iPad, Mac, and even the Apple TV. Once the feature is turned on, photos and videos can be viewed through the Photos app on those respective devices.

Turn on the iCloud Photos switch

To use iCloud Photos on your iPad, go to settings And click on your name. Open iCloud > Photosthen turn on the switch next to iCloud Photos. You should then be able to view your synced photos in the Photos app.

Set up iCloud Photos on your Mac

You can set up iCloud Photos on your Mac in System Preferences. Choose apple idthen press iCloud in the right pane. Check the box for Pictures And enter the password for your username, if prompted. Once your photos and videos are synced, you can view them in the Photos app on your Mac.

Use iCloud Photos on your Apple TV

To set up iCloud Photos on your Apple TV, go to Settings > Users and accounts. Choose iCloud Then turn it on iCloud Photos. Open the Photos app on your Apple TV to view your photos and videos.

Enable iCloud Photos on your Windows PC

You can also set up iCloud Photos on your Windows PC if you download the free version iCloud for Windows(opens in a new window) app from the Microsoft Store. After installation, click the Start button and select File iCloud abbreviation. Sign in with your Apple username and password and the iCloud app will display all possible content to sync.

Set up iCloud Photos on your Windows PC

tap on Options button next to Photos, then enable it iCloud Photos And the Share albums (If you want to share your albums and access other shared albums). click he didthen select Progressing To save your changes.

Turn on the iCloud Photos switch

You can view your iCloud photos in File Explorer by going to Photos \ iCloud Photos \ Photos. However, there will be no date sorting or other organizational features. The best option is to import your photos and videos into the Windows Photos app (which Windows 11 starts automatically(opens in a new window)).

Open the Photos app

To do this, open the Photos app. Click the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner and select settings. Choose Add a folder and select your iCloud Photos folder. click Add this folder to photos.

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Add a folder for iCloud photos

Go back to the main photos screen and wait for the photos to sync. You should then be able to view your photos and videos by date. The main drawback of iCloud for Windows is that syncing only works one way, which means that any changes you make in Windows won’t be reflected anywhere else.

View images

Because of this, you’ll want to edit, delete, and otherwise manage your photos on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or on

View photos on

Your photos and videos will also be synced online. Open your browser and go to in a new window). Sign in with your Apple account, then tap Pictures To see all your backed up photos and videos arranged by date. You can then click Favorite Displays anything you’ve marked as a favourite accident To view new additions.

Go to

Under Albums, click the arrow for media types And select a specific type of item, such as videos or panoramas. If you’ve created any photo albums on your iPhone, tap the arrow for my albums And select a specific one to view the photos and videos inside.

View albums

You can tap a photo to view it full screen, and then tap the left or right arrow to move forward or backward in your photo library. Or make the image bigger or smaller by moving the slider at the top left.

Show the photo

You can select multiple images if you are using Ctrl + click or Shift + click. From the toolbar in the upper right, you can upload more photos, add specific photos to an album, mark photos as favourites, share photos, download photos, or delete them.

Select multiple photos

Keep in mind that if you delete a photo from, it will also be deleted from your iPhone and any other synced devices.

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