Discover poet Carol Lynn Knight at Midtown Reader event

Carol Lynn Knight has a new book of poetry reading September 13, 2022.

Carol Lynn Knight Not only a poet, but a documenter – from her own life.

Not only a literary lyricist, but a writer who likes to hold a mirror to examine the parts most of us remain closed to, the memories we hid away, the historical parts to ourselves so tightly hidden, it might take an investigator to find the pieces.

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And in her new collection of poetry, “If I Go Missing,” (Fernwood Press, April 25, 2022, paperback, $17) Knight does just that as she enlists the help of twenty lovable detectives—including Sherlock Homes, Detectives Kurt Wallander, and Veronica Mars. , Maverick, Colombo, and individuals from CSI and NYPD Blue.

Knight will give a talk and read from the book at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 13 at Midtown Reader1123 Thomasville Road.

Carol Lynn Knight will give a reading of

Almost employed in her own search for the parts of her life that shimmer somewhere between sunlight and shadow, Nate employs the illustrious metaphor of television and literary detectives who ask, “If I lose…” How do you find me?

Many of the 47 poems in the collection began with some kind of call: “If you are accused …”; “If my car is found abandoned…”; If You Lost Me in New York City…”; “If I Get Caught…” Then Knight provides “evidence” and “implications” of her experiences as the ex-wife of a South Florida policeman, his infidelities, and the adventures of her love life, sometimes reckless, and sometimes searching about direction.

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