College students in the New Haven area share mental health challenges with the US Surgeon General

New Haven – How hard is it to make friends in college? Can the students be themselves or do they have to be on top? Do students feel better in a large crowd or in an intimate environment?

students from SCSU, University of New HavenAnd the Yale University And the Gateway Community College They share the same goals – getting attention to them Mental health problems in young people With the campus pushing to strengthen the bonds between diverse groups of students.

“A lot of young people, in fact, suffer from loneliness and isolation, they really talked directly about that end,” Murthy said. “Many young people don’t know where to go for help with their mental health.”

Governor Ned Lamont, who was on the committee, said when he was working to reopen Connecticut schools, he only considered getting students back quickly to make up for the learning loss.

“I was so wrong,” he said, because when the students came back, he said it was hard for them to mingle with others. What they need is a return to a sense of community, he said.

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