Cody Brown says he ‘never watched’ his kids

  • Cody Brown said on “Sister Wives” that he is “good” at watching his kids but “never does.”
  • “It’s easier for me to pay someone $20 an hour than to lose $200 an hour,” he said.
  • His fourth wife, Robin, said she had a nanny to help her because it was “not fair” to ask Cody.

Cody Brown said on Sunday’s episode of TLC’s “Sister Wives” He “hardly” watches his children.

During a segment of the show about how the Brown family patriarch spends his time, he said, “It’s not normal for me to take care of my kids. I’ve been working my whole life. I grew up on a farm, we’ve always been busy.”

Cody was defending himself after Kristen, at the time his third wife, said in a solo interview that one time Cody went for walks with her and their kids, he brought his fourth wife Robin’s kids with them because he It was “babysitting” them.

According to Cody, he’s usually too busy to do that.

“I’m good at watching my kids,” he said, “but I never do that. It’s easier for me to pay someone $20 an hour than to lose $200 an hour with the work I have.”

kodi It looks like he’s held a number of different jobs over the years “Sister Wives” has been on the air, but it’s unclear what he’s currently doing for a living.

Kristen and Cody Brown.

Kristen and Cody at the “Sister Wives” premiere.


Very few of Cody’s 18 children, who he shared with his four wives, are still minors. Youngest daughter with Christine, Really, he’s 12 years old. His youngest daughter with his second wife Janelle is 17 years old. His fourth wife, Robin, has the youngest children in the Brown family: she and Cody have a son, Solomon, who is 10, and a daughter, Ariella, who is six. One of Robin’s daughters from a previous marriage, Breanna, is 17 years old.

Janelle, Kristen, and Robin also have adult children living at home, but Robin made it clear on Sunday’s episode that she has a nanny to help out with her young children because Cody is so busy all the time.

“Cody and I have a lot going on during the day,” Robin said in a one-on-one interview. “That’s why I have a nanny – so I can help out instead of trying to ask Cody to help take care of the kids.”

“It’s not really fair for me to ask him for help when he has so many responsibilities and has such a big family,” she added.

Kristen and Robin Brown.

Kristen and Robin Brown.


Cody’s other wives, Janelle and Kristen, seem to disagree with Robin’s assessment of how he spends his time.

Kristen said on Sunday’s episode that although husband separates, He’s welcome to visit their daughters who live in the house – Trulli Wesabel, 19, and Gwenden, 20 – when he wants to see them.

“It’s no more here than it used to be, it’s no less here anymore. It’s the same,” Kristen said. “He really didn’t even notice.”

But Kristen told her Older girls notice Cody’s behavior and it affects their relationship with him.

“It’s hard to see such a contrast with Cody, how he’s at Robin’s house versus how he’s at my house,” she said. “He just got separated from my house.”

Kristen said her older daughters have told her that they see her relationship with Cody as “broken” and that they can’t imagine what it will be like for her when she sees him with other wives and they don’t want to see him either.

TLC Sister Wives

Sister wives.

YouTube / TLC

“Kristen literally told me that kids don’t think I want to be around them,” Cody said in the episode. “Hmmm, I’ve stayed home all year. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do any of my business, I didn’t see friends, I didn’t travel with any of them.”

He did not deny Kristen’s claim, but seemed to imply that it was her fault that he did not see her children because she would not comply with him. His Strict COVID-19 Rules.

New episodes of “Sister Wives” season seventeen will air on Sunday at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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