Cobra T-Rail Hybrid Irons with HOT Face Technology: First Look

New Cobras T-Rail Hybrid Irons with HOT Face Technology.

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For golfers looking to maximize performance with an easy-to-release, high-impact iron set, the Cobra is here to help with the all-new third generation of the Hybrid T-Rail and Irons set featuring HOT Face technology.

The new HOT Face from Cobra improves multiple areas of thickening around the face

Cobra Golf

The latest version builds on the previous T-Rail design to use a hollow body structure through the entire range and combines it with Cobra’s signature Baffler rails on the club sole to help improve turf interaction while also lowering the center of gravity.

T-Rail irons feature signature Baffler bars

Cobra Golf

With its wide-sole and hybrid design, the T-Rail irons are aimed at golfers looking to improve their play, and for players at the lower end of the swing speed spectrum who need extra release to help increase load and distance. By bringing the same technology used on the top end of the hybrid group into the iron, you get an easy-to-hit top-to-bottom group that also helps create more consistent distance gaps between clubs.

What is Hot Face?

The HOT Face technology in T-Rail irons is derived from the same AI design that Cobra drivers and Fairway woods have used in the past to improve face thickness but has been honed for a smaller face profile. Based on the face surface area of ​​the iron and the hybrid compared to the driver and golfer’s intended target, this helps boost the sweet area by 30% according to Cobra, and results in more consistent ball speeds on mishits — because nobody hits them. the time.

Now if you’re worried about what a hybrid-like hollow iron might look like, don’t worry, Cobra designers have put internal rib structures inside the kit to improve sound and feel, without sacrificing the center of gravity.

The other cool feature on the T-Rail irons is in the sole, where Cobra engineers unroll and split the Baffler bars behind the face to increase flexibility for shots that are struck toward the leading edge. This helps maintain ball speed and helps increase the run on those low-hit shots.

Cobra Iron 2023 T-Rail

Cobra Golf

To help make T-Rail irons easy to configure for those golfers who may not have a full understanding of how to build a set, Cobra has the work to do for you. 4-hybrid replaces 4-iron/hybrid in the standard male group and 5-hybrid replaces 5-iron/hybrid in the female group.

Price and availability

The T-RAIL hybrid-iron combo is available in both men’s and women’s makeup collections.

Cobra T-Rail irons come in both men’s and women’s configurations

Cobra Golf

T-Rail’s 7-piece set of 4-hybrid and 5-PW hybrid irons for $999 comes with 50-gram ultra-light Cobra graphite shafts in a solid, regular, and light-flex (at 45 grams), both right- and left-handed. Steel is available by custom request.

The men’s T-Rail kit is also available with optional 5 and 6 hybrids along with a gap wedge and a sanding wedge by custom order.

The Womans 7-piece T-Rail set of 5-hybrid and 6-SW hybrid irons comes for $999 with ultra-lightweight 45-gram Cobra graphite shafts in ladies’ flex, both right- and left-handed. Hybrid 6 wedge and matching gap are available by custom order.

Cobra T-Rail mixed iron kits will be available starting November 4, 2022.

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