Chloe Grace Moretz hopes to become a ‘Family Guy’ meme

Chloe Grace Moretz She has grown into a Hollywood staple ever since she had her breakout moment in 2010 when she was just 12 years old and has consistently booked big gigs in the decade since. However, her journey has not been without difficulties as the 25-year-old reflects on the intense scrutiny with which she has come into contact as a public figure.

In an interview with hunger magazine, Moretz said she remembers the day she learned of her fame when she was still a teen. “It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was 18 doing red carpet work. I walked out of it feeling a lot of self-loathing and was really confused about the experience that just happened. I was really sick after that,” she said. “There was this stark shift in Consciously, I wondered who I am. What do I do? who am I? Why do I do this? Like, what does this mean?”

Years passed before Moretz had her first encounter with the paparazzi after she starred in the movie kick ass. Now, she calls it a distant memory although unfortunately it is unforgettable.

“I was a kid and 90 percent of the time no one really bothered me. But then kick assThe first time I tried the paparazzi, 10 to 15 young adults surrounded a 12-year-old girl,” she recalls. They pushed my mom and she ended up getting stuck in traffic – she didn’t get hurt, but it was really messy. An assault on all senses, with screams and flashes. I got into the car after that and burst into tears. I think that’s my mark of the before and after.”

However, it wasn’t until after she was much older that she truly lived through the “darkness that comes with fame,” wrestling with the way she was represented in the public sphere and how little control she had over that.

“For a long time I was able to be the Khloe that people see and the Khloe that I am alone. Then these two worlds collided and I really felt vulnerable and open and open,” she said. “Then came the onslaught of horrific memes starting to get me about my body.”

While social media has played a role in the way celebrities interact with their fans in a real way, it also provides an opportunity for people to interact with public figures on their own terms. For Moretz, there is a notable incident where the image circulated affected her self-confidence.

“There was one memes that really affected me, where I walked into a hotel with a pizza box in my hand. And this photo was manipulated into a character from A man who loves family life With long legs and a short torso, it was one of the most popular memes of the time. f*** up, it’s funny. And I just remember sitting there and thinking, My body is being used as a joke which is something I can’t change about who I am, and it’s posted all over Instagram. It was something as nice as walking into a hotel with leftovers. And to this day, when I see that meme, it’s very hard to beat.”

Moretz said she turned to therapy to “get through” everything that comes with her fame. After the meme incident, the most exciting parts of her job that she felt were in jeopardy became.

“It took a layer of the thing I used to enjoy getting dressed up and going to a rug and taking a picture, and it made me very conscious. And I think that’s body deformity – which we all deal with in this world – is extrapolated through social media issues.

As a result, the actress said she’s “basically become aloof” to take some much-needed time away from the spotlight so she can put herself in a special place. It came with its pros and cons.

“It was great because I got away from the paparazzi and was able to be myself, and have many experiences that people didn’t photograph, but at the same time it made me very anxious when pictures of me were taken,” she said. . “My heart rate will go up and my breathing will go up.”

Moretz admitted that she appreciated getting a break from the public eye during the pandemic, especially since people have become more covert as a result of wearing a mask.

“I just wear a hat, I put on a mask, and then I put on the hood and I’d be able to get rid of a lot, like going to prom or biting my lip or popping undocumented blisters,” she said. “For me it was a time of reflection. I lost my dad during the pandemic, not because of issues with COVID, but there was a huge amount of change in a really transformative time period. Then it happened that I had to go to London to start filming. [The Peripheral]. And I think the action again is timely in many ways.”

Even as work and life continue to evolve into business as usual, she is determined to incorporate more time into her schedule.

“It’s a new thing to do,” she said. “Taking the time refilling a cup. It’s all about boundaries and using your voice.”

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