CEO of Startups on Raising Kids with an Entrepreneurial Mind

Since she was young, Cheryl Siu Hwi has always known that she wants to run her own business.

“When teachers asked what your ambition was…and many children wanted to become doctors or lawyers. My ambition was [to be] business woman ” CNBC Make It.

That childhood dream is now a reality for the 39-year-old entrepreneur, whose projects include Reclip. Walmart 2013 Labs.

Now, she’s running Tiny Health, a health tech startup that sells at-home gut health tests for moms and kids 0 to 3 years old. The CEO and founder said the test could help detect gut imbalances early and prevent chronic conditions.

Just last week, the company raised $4.5 million in seed money and said its backers include the US cryptocurrency exchange Queen BeesAnd the The GoogleX and drop box.

Cheryl Siu Hwi (center) with her mother and daughter Charlize, now 4 years old.

Tiny Health

Sew Hoy, a Malaysian now residing in Austin, Texas, credits her success to her mother who was also a businesswoman who ran her own marketing business in Malaysia.

“Mom She owned her own company and she was the manager. Before Work from home She was popular, she was really working from home and I’ve always had that model.”

Things have become “complete” for Seo Hwi, and now she is a mother For two children ages 2 and 4, as you begin to pass on the lessons you’ve learned to them.

What advice does she have in raising entrepreneurial children? CNBC Make It finds out.

Engage in storytelling

Seo-Hui said it’s hard to teach kids businesses they can create at an early age, but kids “remember stories” — and that’s the best way to expose them to entrepreneurship.

While she was modeled after her mother By simply noticing, Sew Hoy said she wanted to be “more insistent” in talking to her children about running a business.

For example, she explains to her children about her job as CEO, the “background” why she started Tiny Health.

I teach them why I work so hard. Yes, it is to make money but not just to buy or spend food.

Cheryl Seo Hwi

CEO and Founder, Tiny Health

“Talk to them like adults, even if you think they are too young to understand. The more you talk to them like adults, [you’ll realize] They actually understand a lot and learn a lot from that.”

By explaining what she does to her children, Seo Hwi said that she also teaches them the value of money.

“Teach them why I work hard. Yes, to make money but not just to buy or spend food. While making money, you need to build something of value to people. What problems do you want to solve? In the world?”

create adversity

Hoy said that entrepreneurship is about solving problems and this is something children can learn through adversity.

“There is a difference between great entrepreneurs and good entrepreneurs,” said Seo Hui. “Great entrepreneurs are the ones who keep coming back because it is very difficult to run a company every day.”

She added that if children only had “smooth journeys” where problems were always solved for them, they would never learn this value.

If kids had “smooth journeys” where problems are always being solved for them, Cheryl Siu-Hui, who is pictured here with her family, said, they would never learn about adversity.

Tiny Health

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