Ukraine presses for land recovery: live updates and latest news

An armed Russian soldier stood guard at an outdoor polling station in Luhansk, Ukraine, where voters took part in a referendum to join Russia on Saturday.attributed to him…Stringer/EPA, via Shutterstock Kyiv, Ukraine – Many residents of the occupied territories fled. It is claimed that e-mail voting and e-polling are taking place even though there is … Read more

China says US is sending ‘dangerous signals’ to Taiwan | China

China accused the United States of sending “very dangerous and wrong signals” Taiwan After the US Secretary of State told his Chinese counterpart on Friday that maintaining peace and stability in Taiwan is very important. Taiwan was the focus of the 90-minute “direct and sincere” talks between the foreign minister, Anthony Blinkenand Chinese Foreign Minister … Read more

Wagner Group: Russian mercenaries bomb Bakhmut as Moscow searches for victory

The battle is as intense as it is decisive around the city of Bakhmut. The Russian positions are located within 200 meters of the Ukrainian military unit joined by CNN. The unit is caught up in a horrific artillery duel, sheltering in cellars, and using commercially procured drones as the best line of defense and … Read more

UN General Assembly 2022 News: Live Updates

video António Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, said the world was “associated with massive global dysfunction” and urged greater cooperation in addressing global challenges.attributed to himattributed to him…Dave Sanders for The New York Times The annual diplomatic gathering at the United Nations this week shines a spotlight on its supreme chief, Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General, … Read more

Hurricane Fiona slams Dominican Republic after wiping out electricity in Puerto Rico and causing ‘catastrophic’ damage

Hurricane Fiona brought more rain to Puerto Rico on Monday, a day later the storm Electricity and water were cut off to most of the island, and National Guard forces rescued hundreds of stranded people. And the governor warned that it could take days to get the lights back on. The blow from Fiona was … Read more