Waterside assistance for broken boats and “Hardtop Hotel” for jeeps

Troubleshooting: Waterside assistance for broken boats, and “Hardtop Hotel” for jeeps The Cape Cod family makes a living by towing boats, while a pair of brothers get creative in serving other Jeep owners. Updated: 8:00 PM EST on Sep 23, 2022 Hide text Show version And repair it, by land or sea. When the car … Read more

AGM Glory G1S review: Superpowers in a rugged smartphone

Positives thermographic Big Screen Durable, grippy casing Long battery life The rear cameras are capable strong performance Negatives heavy Android 11 and Jan 2022 security Mono rear speaker Earlier this summer, my ZDNET colleague, Jack Wallen, posted his message impressions AGM Glory G1S Durable smartphone. I’m following it up with this official review. I’ve spent … Read more

Vermont officials say they have reached an additional $20 million to continue providing rental assistance to some

A sign listing a website for apartment rentals in Burlington. Vermont officials say they have found more funding to continue rent assistance for some, but Doug Farnham, the management agency’s deputy secretary, stressed that the new money would not be enough to pay the assistance at previous rates. File photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger Officials in … Read more

Settings that make smartphone use easier for everyone

Smartphones are gradually becoming more useful to people with a range of physical abilities, thanks to tools like screen readers and adjustable text sizes. With the latest version of iOS 16 from Apple And the Android 13 from Google In software, more accessibility features have been introduced or upgraded, including improved live copy tools and … Read more

How to use the hidden features of your smartphone camera

This article originally appeared on popular photography. What could be more fundamental to today’s photography than Smart phone cameras? It’s always there, ready in moments, and the technology behind it makes it easy to take great photos in most situations. However, I regularly meet people who are unaware of the many basic functions of the … Read more

Smartphones and older users remain uncomfortable

Smartphones have gone from being a luxury or convenience to a necessity or a lifeline, yet people over 50 are less likely to own devices and more likely to feel left out on their part. why does it matter: More than ever, services and businesses from banks to doctor’s offices and restaurants to airlines expect … Read more

Springfield Police Commissioners are complaining to City Council members about the lack of help and support from the city

SPRINGFIELD – It’s been eight months since the city’s Board of Police Commissioners was formed, but commissioners on Monday expressed frustration that it continues to falter without clear guidance or administrative support from the city council. “We are all confused,” Commissioner Robert Jackson said. “If we don’t seem to know what’s going on, it’s because … Read more