Scientists hope small ocean zooplankton will help see if climate change targets are being met

Scientists have discovered that some of the tiniest animals in the ocean are having a huge impact in the fight against climate change. the main points: Data collected from the deep waters of the Southern Ocean allows scientists to directly measure the effects of global climate change Scientists in Hobart have been monitoring changes in … Read more

Environment Agency Knew Wastewater Was Dumped In Rivers For Years, Leak Reveals | Environment Agency

The Environment Agency He knew raw sewage was being illegally dumped into English rivers from a sewage treatment business a decade ago, a leaked report showed. However, the agency’s chief executive told MPs in May that the practice only surfaced recently. A 2012 Environment Agency inspection report for the Northwest Region showed that a number … Read more

Scientists have discovered a huge “ocean” near the heart of the Earth

High water content in the transition zone has far-reaching consequences (representative image) Scientists have discovered a water reservoir three times the size of all the oceans beneath the Earth’s surface, according to an international study. Water is found between the transition zone of the Earth’s upper and lower mantle. The research team analyzed the rate … Read more

Discovery of ‘fingerprints’ confirms alarming predictions of melting Greenland ice sheet

Scientists now have unequivocal evidence of a phenomenon crucial to predicting the impact of climate change. Researchers announced Thursday that they discovered sea ​​level ‘fingerprint’ Melting of the Greenland ice sheet, indicating the unique pattern of sea level change associated with ice melt. It is the first time that a fingerprint has been definitively measured. … Read more

AGL’s early coal exit increases pressure on government grid upgrade

However, bills are already on the rise and the Commonwealth’s chief policy adviser, the Energy Security Council, said on Thursday that “massive physical investment and coordinated purposeful policy reform with a heavy emphasis on cost control is required to ensure an orderly transition.” Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen said coal-fired power plants would … Read more

Why the defeat of the Manchin reform bill could be a loss for the climate

On Tuesday, when Senator Joe Manchin III (DW.Va.) announced that he was withdrawing his proposal to expand energy development across the country from a government operations bill that must pass, Many environmental groups celebrated. “This is a good day for the climate and the environment,” said Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). But the bill also included … Read more

Half of the world’s bird species are in decline as the destruction of bird life intensifies | birds

Nearly half of the planet’s bird species are in decline, according to a final report that paints the darkest picture yet of the destruction of bird life. The State of the World’s Birds Report, published every four years by BirdLife International, shows that the expansion and intensification of farming is pressing 73% of species. Other … Read more

Hurricane Ian quickly gets bad, turbocharged with warm water

Hurricane Ian is rapidly gaining massive strength As it moves over oceans that are warming in part due to climate change, just like 30 other tropical storms in the Atlantic since 2017 that have become more powerful in less than a day. Scientists say this turbocharging of storms is likely to become more frequent as … Read more