Scientists hope small ocean zooplankton will help see if climate change targets are being met

Scientists have discovered that some of the tiniest animals in the ocean are having a huge impact in the fight against climate change. the main points: Data collected from the deep waters of the Southern Ocean allows scientists to directly measure the effects of global climate change Scientists in Hobart have been monitoring changes in … Read more

Environment Agency Knew Wastewater Was Dumped In Rivers For Years, Leak Reveals | Environment Agency

The Environment Agency He knew raw sewage was being illegally dumped into English rivers from a sewage treatment business a decade ago, a leaked report showed. However, the agency’s chief executive told MPs in May that the practice only surfaced recently. A 2012 Environment Agency inspection report for the Northwest Region showed that a number … Read more

Timeline, how to watch this historic mission to the International Space Station

On October 5, SpaceX It will launch another passenger mission, making history in the process: it will include astronaut Anna Kikina, who will become the first Russian to fly aboard a private American spacecraft. Crew-5, the newest commercial crew mission, will launch no later than October 5 from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space … Read more

Sarah D. Sally Isaac, who was the project coordinator for a long-term prostate genetic study at Johns Hopkins University, dies – Baltimore Sun

Sarah d. “Sally” Isaacs, who was the project coordinator in the prostate genetics study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, died Sept. 23 of ovarian cancer at her home in Phoenix, North Baltimore County. She was 72 years old. “For more than 20 years, Sally has been the coordinator of the Johns Hopkins Brady … Read more

Scientists have discovered a huge “ocean” near the heart of the Earth

High water content in the transition zone has far-reaching consequences (representative image) Scientists have discovered a water reservoir three times the size of all the oceans beneath the Earth’s surface, according to an international study. Water is found between the transition zone of the Earth’s upper and lower mantle. The research team analyzed the rate … Read more