Cheese was recalled nationwide after several people were hospitalized with listeria

A Michigan-based company issued a recall of 25 brands of wild and Camembert cheese after five people were hospitalized with a strain of ListeriaHealth officials announced. on September 30 call noticeThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the products were manufactured by Old Europe Cheese Inc. They are sold in famous retail … Read more

Obesity experts want food labels that tell you to walk 15 minutes to burn off a bar of chocolate

Is this what your favorite snacks of the future will look like? Obesity experts want to scrap traffic sign stickers in favor of calorie-burning equivalents, which tell you to walk a 15-minute walk to burn off a bar of chocolate Experts want snack labels that show how much exercise you’ll need to burn off He … Read more

Can a daily nutritious shake prevent memory loss? A new experiment aims to answer that, and is looking for volunteers.

After years of studying the way Americans eat, and the myriad health problems that result from poor diets, lead researcher Susan Roberts said it was time to be practical. “We can be fundamentalist and say that everyone should eat an optimal diet, but the truth is that for most people’s lives, it just won’t work … Read more

Here’s what happened at the big White House conference on food and nutrition: NPR

President Joe Biden speaks during the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, on September 28, 2022. Evan Fauci/AFP Hide caption Caption switch Evan Fauci/AFP President Joe Biden speaks during the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, … Read more

Is Matcha Good for You?

Q: Is matcha healthy? Go to any coffee shop or health food store and you’ll be almost guaranteed to find this jade-colored dried green tea. It’s mixed into lattes, milkshakes, sodas, hot chocolate, and smoothies—and even into desserts like ice cream and brownies. Recommended by many superfoods that are full of antioxidants Cancer preventionAnd the … Read more

What fruits should diabetics eat and in what portion?

Just last week an old man sat at my table crying over his high blood sugar levels. “I’ve always been in good control. But over the past 3 months, my sugar has gone up. I’m very careful in my lifestyle. There’s only one change I’ve made in my diet. I’ve replaced two meals with fruits. … Read more

Matt Jones from West Ham provides insight into nutrition at a Premier League club | football news

When Matt Jones ruptured his cruciate ligament twice before he turned 20, any hopes of becoming an elite athlete faded. Fortunately for him, the silver lining was right in front of his eyes. The industry has not been cut off from him forever. “During the second period of recovery, I started reading about nutrition because … Read more