Concerns remain renewed over the 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre

Five years after a lone gunman opened fire from a Las Vegas hotel on a crowd of country music festivals, there is little rest and no answers for what caused the massacre of dozens of people – The worst mass shooting in America since when. Today, the memorial in the northeast corner of the festival … Read more

Pop Culture Happy Hour hosts share what brings them joy: NPR

Raffiella Chapman as Vesper, a 13-year-old biohacker in Vesper. IFC . movies Hide caption Caption switch IFC . movies Raffiella Chapman as Vesper, a 13-year-old biohacker in Vesper. IFC . movies This week, I threw Iceland Baby puffins off the slopesWe celebrate one year of Sesame Street full time Black Female Engine DollsWe remember hip … Read more

Scooter Braun learned his lesson from the Taylor Swift Masters deal

Scooter Brown said he learned an “important lesson” from the dramatic turn of events that followed his acquisition of Taylor Swift’s Master Recordings. The famous music director appeared NPR’s “The Limits with Jay Williams” Podcast This week, he admitted that he came from an “arrogant place” assuming the “All Too Well” singer would talk to … Read more

Billy Ray Cyrus, 61, ‘engaged’ to younger singer Fairuz nearly five months after filing for divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus, 61, ‘engaged’ to younger singer Fairuz… about five months after his wife Tish Cyrus, 28, filed for divorce By Adam S. Levy for Posted: 20:09 EST, Sep 28, 2022 | updated: 20:38 EST, Sep 28, 2022 Billy Ray Cyrus is said to be ‘engaged’ to singer Fairuz, about five months after … Read more

Rosalía looks like the future of pop music

Some days you might lick a stamp or change a light bulb and wonder, is this really 2022? Other days, you might see a dog wearing an LED collar or a kid riding an electric unicycle to school and momentarily feel convinced that the future really is here. Now imagine that second impression lasted for … Read more

‘There are endless options, but you don’t listen’: Fans quit Spotify to save their love for music | Music

MFor example, Lytham was working her job at the bakery one morning in Boston when she had an epiphany. I was commissioned to choose the soundtrack for the day, I opened spotify, then click and tap, endlessly searching for something to play. nothing was perfect at present. She looked more than that, through playlist after … Read more

SLIPKNOT’s JIM ROOT Overshadows Rage Against The Machine Because He “Tells Me To Do What The Government Tells Me”

In a new interview with music radarAnd the Slipknot guitar player Jim Root She talked about the lyrical themes on the band’s upcoming album, “The end so far”I was affected by the “strange cultural moment” we are living in right now. He said, “It’s all so weird and bananas, I don’t even know what’s going … Read more