Ingram Content Group, the world’s leading distributor of books, invests in Web3 eBook Startup

DallasAnd the September 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –, the leader in NFT e-books on the blockchain, has announced that it has closed an initial funding round with Ingram Content Group (“Ingram Content Group”).Ingram‘), one of the world’s leading book distributors, which has a wide reach within the book publishing world with access to tens of … Read more

Everything related to Star Wars was celebrated in October at the three branches of the Naperville Library – Chicago Tribune

In October, the greatest reward in the galaxy will be the books where we enjoy reading Star Wars, a month-long celebration of all the Star Wars literature. With themed stories, crafts and more, there are programs, activities and books for everyone from the youngest Padawan to the wisest Jedi. This year, our stellar event will … Read more

Book Review When McKinsey Comes to Town: The Hidden Influence of the World’s Most Powerful Consulting Firm by Walt Bogdanich and Michael Forsyth

In their new book, investigative journalists Walt Bogdanich and Michael Forsyth shatter the luminous image of McKinsey & Co. which has long been associated with the consulting giant., a leading job site, is not exaggerating when it asserts that McKinsey has “nearly achieved a level of worldwide fame”. with more than 30,000 employees spread … Read more

The Lewes History Book Festival offers an inviting atmosphere

For the first time in three years, the Lewis Historic Book Festival welcomed people into the state’s first town for a weekend full of book discussions with some of the country’s top authors. “We didn’t know what to expect given the realities of the ongoing pandemic, but we were thrilled to see so many people … Read more

“Write it again” | Susanna Moore

As some of you know, Joanne was an eccentric. Or perhaps it would be wise to say she was determined in her ways, in ways not considered traditional. There was, to paraphrase Robert Lowell, something both charming and reprehensible in her. For example, she did not answer the phone. She rarely made phone calls. I … Read more

What books do West Virginia librarians recommend?

WEST VIRGINIA (WOWK) – Looking for a great book? Here are some titles recommended by librarians across the Mountain State. WOWK 13 News has reached out to several public libraries across the state to find out more about which books librarians say are their favorite books or what they see has been pulled from their … Read more

9-1-1 Oliver Stark on Buck’s emotional journey in Season 6

In Fox’s “9-1-1,” Buck is a messy firefighter residing at 118. Filmed by Oliver Stark, audiences watch a self-confident (and sometimes arrogant) 30-something fall through relationships, hands-on drama, and find a sofa that can Rely on them. However, the Season 6 premiere marks a potential turning point for the character: Facing a setback that Bobby … Read more


Can we imagine a culture from her films…? asks Ander Munson at the beginning Predator: a memoir, movie, obsession, a work that blurs the lines between…well…everything. The book—a description of its longtime author’s fascination with the 1987 action film, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Karl Withers and Jesse Ventura and launched the film series—provides depiction of … Read more