British artists recreate ‘Great Day in Harlem’ image for Black History Month | black historical month

Old and upcoming black artists will be photographed together, to mark the 40th anniversary of the start of the British Black Arts Movement, as part of a series of events for black historical month in October. The Black Cultural ArchivesHeadquartered in south London, it will celebrate the occasion by paying homage to the classic 1958 … Read more

The Brothers won the ArtPrize 2022 Biggest Award for Intricate and Luminous Pottery

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Creation, Destruction, Reflection, a series of 20 intricately carved vases at DeVos Place displaying ancient monuments from the Temple of Delphi to the streets of Jerusalem, won the $12,500 ArtPrize 2022 Artist-to-Artist Award. The entry, created by brothers Brad and Brian Cavens of Browns Summit, North Carolina, was one of 16 … Read more

Sotheby’s Rare Art Collection Sells for $100 Million at Sotheby’s

De Kooning’s early collection, Giacometti’s stained bronze, one of Marie Therese Walter’s first pictures of Picasso—these and other treasures from the collection of late art patron David Solinger may fetch $100 million at Sotheby’s this fall. With 90 contracts on display across four sales in New York and Paris, this is the latest model to … Read more

Circle billionaire art collectors as Megabucks masterpieces go to auction

The pillars of the art market are said to come down to the three elements: Death, divorce, or religion. In these dramatic instances of turnaround, financial risk, or both, old collectors are more motivated to unload their merchandise, and when they do, the results can be astounding. In May, Sotheby’s scored a big win at … Read more

Douglas Copeland’s new Metrotown sculptures a nod to Ford’s factory past (PHOTOS)

The view of the pedestrian-oriented streets in Station Square redevelopment now completed It has recently seen a further enhancement of its public domain with important pieces of public art. Anthem Properties worked with renowned local artist Douglas Coupland to create four sculptures, spread across two locations within the redevelopment. Three sculptures are located outside JJ … Read more

Leftist Palestinian attack!

This is an incredible New York Times story about Hollywood censorship. Meg Smker has made a documentary about four Islamist jihadists who are being deprogrammed in a Saudi rehabilitation center. Sundance accepted it. Some who watched the film said it was cool, but some right-wing voices might denounce it for humanizing jihadists. But this is … Read more