10 cities where you don’t need a car

Image source: Getty Images Is the future less car? the main points Easily giving up your car can save you thousands each year in gas, maintenance, and insurance costs. The most walkable cities are usually those with extensive public transportation systems that help you avoid the need for cars. Extensive use of bike lanes also … Read more

Decode Form 1099-K for Freelancers

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Will California Mortgage and Credit Card Rates Go Up Again?

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Will saving money get easier in 2023?

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3 Social Security Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You’re Making | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Christy Pepper) Social Security is complicated. This is unfortunate, because it is likely to be a significant source of income, and you may end up costing yourself significant benefits if you do not know the rules. You don’t want to make Social Security mistakes that leave you with less financial security in your later years, … Read more