Cannabis Entrepreneurship Program Encourages Inclusion in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (Wood) – For the third year in a row, the Grand Rapids Cannabis Company is looking to give residents a behind-the-scenes look at the industry with hands-on experience.

The Cannabis Entrepreneurship Program will give five applicants the opportunity to learn from Fluresh about how to enter and become a member in the cannabis market. The program was launched to help create a “fairer and more inclusive industry.”

“What you find in the cannabis industry, is this push for social justice policy. The theory behind social justice policy is that black and brown communities have been decimated by the war on drugs and so that The powers that be believed to be the social justice arm of the burgeoning cannabis industry could help undo some of these mistakes.”

Williams said she is interested in providing opportunities specifically to those who live in the 49507 zip code, where Fluresh is headquartered. While the program will focus on cannabis, her main hope is to inspire change in society.

“I don’t care if anyone from 49507 decides to be in the cannabis industry,” she said. “I care a lot about making 49507, and communities like that, having better gardens, creating ways for people in those communities to get ways out of this situation, out of those conditions.”

The five people Fluresh selected will see how the company operates over the course of nine months. Some of the training will include familiarization with the industry, technical assistance, and an understanding of the regulations under which cannabis companies operate. Williams said the majority of the show will focus on what people care about most.

Previous participants stayed to work with Fluresh or used the experiment to find new work. Jessica Austin, who completed the program in 2021, is now the owner of creative sculptureswhich manufactures fruit bowls and arrangements, in Grand Rapids.

“The Fluresh Cannabis Entrepreneur Program has helped me on my cannabis entrepreneurial journey,” Austin said in a statement released by Fluresh. “The keynote sessions helped me determine how I can thrive in the cannabis industry through networking and educational opportunities. The connections I made and the things I learned about the cannabis industry started here.”

Although participants will get a first-hand look at how Fluresh works, Williams said the company is not concerned about creating new competitors. The idea is to educate as many people as possible about cannabis.

“Obviously we don’t open up the kitchen to our competitors, but for people who want to gain experience, we really give it a very clean look,” she said.

Applications for the program will be accepted until December 2nd. The five people selected to participate will be notified a week later. You can find more information on how to apply via click here.

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