Cadiz summaries 0-4 Barcelona La Liga: Lewandowski scores a goal and two assists, the match resumes after a pause due to a medical emergency

Welcome to the live Sportstar blog for the Cadiz vs Barcelona La Liga match from Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla.

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The Barcelona-Cadiz match in the Spanish League was suspended after the medical emergency; To resume at 12:35 a.m.

full time! Cadiz 0-4 Barcelona

Four goals in the second half and an excellent performance from striker Robert Lewandowski see Barcelona edging out Cadiz with an easy 4-0 win at home as they top the league table.

90 + 2′ goal! Dembele scores the fourth goal to instantly win

The Frenchman advances towards the penalty area and deceives Mbaye and shoots to his right towards the bottom corner and the ball bounces to the opposite corner of the net to give Barcelona his fourth goal in the match.

86′ goal! Barcelona ends the match a third of the night.

Ansu Fati receives the long ball from Robert Lewandowski and hits it in the net to finish third for Barcelona to widen the difference further. Barcelona can almost feel the win now.

The match will resume at 12:35 am

And the club explained on Twitter, that the Spanish League match between Cadiz and Barcelona will resume at 12:35 in the morning.

“The game has been suspended due to a medical emergency with a fan in the stands. The players are going to the dressing rooms,” the official statement from the club read, on Twitter.

Play stopped after a medical emergency in the stands

The match was temporarily suspended and the players were asked to leave the field due to the medical emergency in the stands.

88 ‘

Gameplay is still stalled – it’s not clear from the screen exactly what happened but signs of anxiety among players.

84 ‘

It seems the play has stopped. The exact reason is unknown, but reports say it has to do with the health of a fan behind Ledesma’s goals.

77 ‘

Barcelona change: IN- Marcos Alonso Outside- Alex Baldi

75 ‘

Cadiz is looking completely clueless now. Apart from the two goals, Barcelona proved too strong for the host after the second half change.

72 ‘

Barcelona change: IN- Ansu Fati Outside- Ravenha

72 ‘

Cadiz changes: IN- Ruben Alcaraz, Auer Mabel, and Alvaro Negredo Outside- Federico San Emetrio, Lucas Perez and Ruben Sobrino


Close- Ravenha drops the ball with great control, cuts the ball and beats Ocampo. He shoots the ball but the ball swings over the post near Ledesma.


The goal comes from Ledesma’s fault again. The Cadiz goalkeeper cannot hold the ball after a low cross from the right, sent by Rafinha. There was a stampede and the ball was loose. Lewandowski was there to steal the ball into the net.


shot- Busquets shoots for the first time from outside the box. He shoots the ball well, but it’s not in the goal. Barcelona looks more dangerous after the changes


Cadiz changes: IN- Theo Bongonda and Thomas Alarcon Outside- Evan Alejo and Alex Fernandez

57 ‘

Barcelona changes: in- Robert Lewandowski, Badry and Ousmane Dembele Outside- Memphis, Jaffe, Ferran

55 ‘Goal! Frank de Jong opens the scoring for Barra

Cadiz’s goalkeeper, Ledesma, can’t hold the ball after he’s made a first save, and De Jong is there to take advantage of the rebounds.

52 ‘

A good wave of pressure from Barcelona ends with Memphis exploiting his strength and putting a ball inside the penalty area. The cross is erased and Cadiz begins his own counter. However, Alejo loses balance and the momentum is disrupted.

49 ‘

A cheeky effort from De Jong as he tried to catch Ledesma with a chip from a distance. However, he did not understand it properly. Also, Ledesma seemed to have him covered even if the effort was on target.

48 ‘

The second Cadiz starts in a similar way to the first – moving the match to Barcelona and putting the visitor under pressure.

46 ‘

No changes in the second half to report from either side.

the other half!!

We are back in the last half of football at the Nuevo Mirandela stadium.


He is goalless at Nuevo Mirandella in the break.

45 + 2′

Barcelona with a good chance to counterattack. Ravenha was making up all those squares but the move came to an end after the Brazilian failed to control the ball.


Three minutes added!!


Ferran showed his fast feet to cross his mark. He embraces the touch line and passes the ball to Busquets, but the effort of the latter in the goal collides. It seemed Busquets wasn’t sure what exactly to do.

44 ‘

Memphis has a chance to get a shot away but it takes too much time and the opportunity is missed.


Gavi with a cross inside the penalty area again – this time also flashing through the goal but no Barcelona player to use the ball.

38 ‘

Baladi was brought into the box by Alejo. Barcelona and Xavi players are confident that it is a penalty kick, but the referee’s wave is playing it.

37 ‘

Ferran Torres tries to outwit two of Cadiz’s defenders but is stopped in his tracks. He didn’t really go the Spaniard’s way this evening.



35 ‘

Ospina betters staying with Ravenha while the Brazilian tries to get past him. But Ospina wins this fight when the ball goes out from a corner kick.

The match resumes

Cooling break

32 ‘

Cadiz long throw into the Barcelona box – Mbaye jumped to get his hand in contact but couldn’t.

28 ‘

Barcelona have been good at creating chances but occupying the last third is not good at the moment. Xavi, his face at the seam says it all.

25 ‘

Ravenha’s cross from the right flashed on the face of the goal but there was no Barcelona shirt to direct the ball towards goal.

22 ‘

A cross pass into Cadiz’s box which the home team cannot clear. The ball landed on Ravenha and pounced on the loose ball and took a shot from the first time. The shot, however, is not on target.

19 ‘

Good run from Gavi which eventually ends with a cross attempt from the right. But the cross blocked a corner for Barcelona.


booking- Barcelona’s Rafinha became the first player to receive a yellow card this evening.


Another great offensive move by Barcelona – De Jong found a Barcelona shirt with the ball up. Ferran, in a good position, finds the ball squared towards him from the right but cannot control the ball and shoots the ball away.


Ferran throws arrows towards the left side. He tries to find a teammate in the center of the penalty area with a solid cross but the cross is blocked.


out post- Gavi recovers the ball in midfield and passes the ball to Raphinha inside the Cadiz square. Ravenha shoots to the near post and shoots, but the ball hits the post and returns to play.


Ledesma with a long goal kick – Pique is under pressure for a moment but is finally able to see the ball outside the Barcelona goalkeeper.


Quick start to the game with both teams turning to attacking football – Cadiz certainly isn’t holding back despite being the weakest team on paper.


An early chance for Sabrino but he can’t control his shot and misses it.


We are running at Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla.

9:30 PM: STAT Attack!

  • ⦿
    Cadiz has scored points in each of its last four games against Barcelona in La Liga. (8 points – W2, D2).
  • ⦿
    Barcelona failed to score in their last two matches against Cadiz in La Liga (D1 L1).
  • ⦿
    No team has won and scored more goals than Barcelona in the history of La Liga. (19 wins, 59 goals).
  • ⦿
    Cadiz failed to score in his first four La Liga matches 2022-23 and lost all four matches. Barcelona has not lost any of its four La Liga matches.

Start formations!

Eleventh Cadiz: Ledesma (GK), Zaldo, Hernandez, Mbaye, Espino, San Emetrio, Fernandez, Alejo, Sobrino, Ocampo, Perez

Barcelona XI: Ter Stegen (GK), Bellerin, Pique, Araujo, Sergio, Ferran, Memphis, De Jong, Raphinha, Balde, Gavi

Match preview

Barcelona’s impressive start to the season continues as they are undefeated in La Liga. Barcelona Xavi, after their impressive 5-1 victory over Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League, will face last-placed Cadiz in the league on Saturday 10 September.

Three wins on the trot in the league, four if the Champions League is included – under usual circumstances it would not be an exaggeration to say it should be a picnic for the Blaugrana against Cadiz, but it won’t be that simple for the Xavi men.

Barcelona have not defeated Cadiz for 16 years and have scored only two goals in their last four matches against the club. On paper, it’s pretty clear who the favourites are, but as the stats suggest, Cadiz has already been Barcelona’s evil side over the past seasons.

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However, stats don’t win matches, it’s performance. Barcelona will certainly be looking to get a solid result against Cadiz and keep the momentum ahead of their midweek Champions League clash against Bayern Munich.

Robert Lewandowski, who scored a hat-trick for Barcelona against Viktoria Plzen, is likely to lead his attack, but given how Xavi uses rotations, it wouldn’t be an absolute surprise if he rests the Poland striker. However, it is still unlikely.

Three points could push Barcelona to the top with 13 points from five games, at least for a moment, as defending champions Real Madrid will not play their match against Mallorca until Sunday 11 September.

Team news

Robert Lewandowski and Ousmane Dembele may not play the full 90 minutes as Xavi wants the two star players to be ready for the high-impact Champions League match against Bayern Munich on Wednesday 14th September.

Newcomers Hector Bellerin and Marcos Alonso may get some minutes after missing the Plzen match.

When and where do you watch the Cadiz-Barcelona match in the Spanish League?

When does the Cadiz-Barcelona match start?

The match will kick off at 10:00 PM IST at Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla.

Where can you watch the Cadiz-Barcelona match?

The match between Cadiz and Barcelona will be broadcast live on Sports 18-1 SD / HD. It will also be available to stream online in the Voot Select app and Jio TV.

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