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Good chances to win the title of “DLG-Agrifuture Concept Winner 2022”

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Practical solutions to increasing animal welfare, smart pig houses, and the future of agriculture in Germany are once again made available by dozens in Fichta, Germany. The Big Dutchman has introduced interesting innovations that combine animal welfare and profitability even before EuroTier was launched in Hanover, convincing the trade press and livestock experts alike with their products. One example: guided vision Olegis robot straw for pig houses with beddingwho won Silver Innovation Award From the German Agricultural Association (DLG). and the Havito concept from birth to finishwhich is being performed by Bröring Pig Partner and Big Dutchman in a research fold in Dinklage, has good chances of becoming a DLG-Agrifuture Concept Winner 2022.

Hay bedding is becoming increasingly important in pig houses, not least because of animal welfare reasons. With OlliGES, Big Dutchman developed a file Hay robot for the time-consuming and effort-intensive task of scattering bedding in the coop. Pig breeders can focus on other tasks. The new system determines on its own where and how much bedding is needed and automatically dispenses materials. Moreover, the robot can automatically spread the bedding to pre-set locations.

smart robot

The innovative OlliGES system is intelligent and highly automated. During the night, the hay robot moves through the barn, using a 2D camera and infrared light to scan and assess the condition of the bedding. After this evaluation trip, the footage is analyzed to identify areas that require additional bedding over the next 24 hours. Bed linen can be added very precisely, working up to a small area of ​​600 x 600 mm in each room.

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Details | Oleg

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Another focus of the Big Dutchman Pavilion in Hall 17 is animal-friendly AGILO . concept for collective housing for lactating seedsfor which the world market leader offers the first slimming frame with free access functionality.

With the new free-access mechanism, the wooden frame rear doors close as soon as the pig enters the stall. The wife can then eat or relax without being disturbed – and leave the resort alone whenever she wants to return to the activity area where she can show normal behaviours. In this way, the positive experience with free-access booths used when keeping pregnant pigs in groups was transferred to the anesthesia framework of lactating sow collective housing systems.

Free access to the AGILO group assessment system
Details | AGILO concept of collective housing for lactating sow

Havito from birth to end

Havito concept from birth to finish has been shortlisted for the new DLG Innovation Award “Agrifuture Concept Winner”. For the first time, the Big Dutchman and Bröring Pig Partner offer a structured pen in which pigs are born and kept throughout the breeding and termination period without moving them.

The starting point of the system is a file pig pig toilet, which was introduced in 2018 for breeding and finishing and which has now been expanded to include seed management. Since the entire surface of the pen is sealed and urine and faeces are continuously separated, the pen can be completely covered with organic bedding material. Pigs build the barn, creating a lying area, activity area, and defecation area. This structure is supported by a climate solution and options for floor heating and cooling.

Details | HAVITO – Hardwood Flooring Luxury Barn

Additional attractive innovations by German pig equipment supplier:

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Big Dutchman displays its products on a total of four stands in Hannover.

  • Pig production: Hall 17, B22
  • Insect breeding: Hall 21, F21
  • Photovoltaics and battery storage: Hall 25, M28
  • Human Resources and Functions: Hall 26, D28

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