Best Black Panther Comic Book Covers of All Time

The latest entry, and perhaps the most anticipated, in MCU series of films Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverIt is scheduled to premiere on November 11, 2022. Early reactions to the movie It was overwhelmingly positive, and a fitting tribute to the first Black Panther movie, The Late Chadwick Boseman. What Boseman brings to the role is the same thing captured in the Black Panther comic book cover: nobility, strength, ferocity, and elegance. When these elements are not present, Black Panther becomes a character that does not stand out on its own. In fact, the biggest sin in the early portrayal of Black Panther on the covers is that he resembles Batman more than anyone else, especially when set in an urban setting. But when the artist manages to capture these elements, it captures the reader’s attention and distinguishes Black Panther from his peers. Here are the 15 best Black Panther comic book covers.

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15. Black Panther No. 13, “Two Thousand Seasons”, June 2019 (alternative)

15. Black Panther 2018 No. 13 Alternative
Image via Marvel Comics

Black Panther isn’t the first thing that catches your eye on this cover, maybe even the second. On his way to the top, he is standing on top of a black panther resembling a sphinx. What is under it is what distinguishes this cover. From bottom to top, we see the representation of his homeland, Wakanda. As we gradually raise our eyes, we go into the forest, and then into the city. The black panther stands above all, a noble warrior, and the sun is shining in his area. It is simple yet effective.

14. Rise of the Black Panther #1, January 2018

14. Rise of the Black Panther
Image via Marvel Comics

A novel about the origin of the black panther, released before Black Panther Movie. It’s a great photo, with the shadows of T’Challa, his father, and the residents of Wakanda, inside a Black Panther’s face profile. Artist Brian Stilfriez He manages to seamlessly blend today’s tiger with the images of his past, creating a unique image. The other five books in the series, likewise, depict different characters with their history captured within them.

13. Rise of the Black Panther No. 1, January 2018 (Fried Pie Variant)

13. The Rise of the Black Panther No. 1 Alternate
Image via Marvel Comics

Same story, slightly better coverage. The power of the black panther flowed like lightning throughout his body, rooting in the water. Your eye instantly catches the sparkle of where he’s standing. Slowly, the brightness fades as you travel, only to see the black panther bleeding into the night sky, the powerful hero in one place with the darkness hiding in him, free to stalk his prey stealthily.

12. Black Panther Volume 1 #15, “Black Panther’s Revenge!” May 1979

12. Black Panther 15 Klaw Supreme Stands
Image via Marvel Comics

The cover brings up the battle in the story, with Black Panther and his opponent, Klaw, going out while Vision and Beast are defeated, with the remaining Avengers unable to enter the area. The cover features its focus on the two fighters, who engage in a hand-to-hand combat with Klaw seemingly having the edge. You’d think the two would share cover art more often, but it’s really rare to see Klaw and Black Panther in the front of the cover together, especially when the cover is fraught with such palpable energy.

11. Fantastic Four, Volume 1, No. 52, “Black Panther!” , July 1966

11. Black Panther - Fantastic Four 52 Debut 196607
Image via Marvel Comics

It is the first appearance of Black Panther, who invites the Fantastic Four to Wakanda, asking for their help. The cover is antique Jack Kirby, the black panther jumped towards Mr. Fantastic and his companions. The jacket is also a great example of the aforementioned “Batman” look, with the hood, cowl, and pose almost indistinguishable from DC’s Dark Knight. However, Kirby stealthily conveys the Black Panther beautifully.

10. Black Panther Volume 5 #3, “The Deadliest of the Species Part 3”, June 2009

10. Black Panther Dark Reign 3
Image via Marvel Comics

Artist J. Scott Campbell Visually stunning, she creates a spectrum of yellow and orange behind two black panthers, and the black panther herself, raising her hands above her head. wait, itself? yes. In the story line, T’Challa in limbo is Ororo Munroe, also known as the Storm of the X-Men, who wears a Black Panther suit. It’s one of the few times we see someone other than T’Challa on the cover as Black Panther.

9. Black Panther Volume 3 #23, “More That Work With The Avengers”, October 2000

9. Black Panther 23 Part 2 The Cat Trap
Image via Marvel Comics

There is a story but is it important? It’s Deadpool vs. Erik Killmonger’s Black Panther, because of the loud screaming! What do you need to know more than that? The two-part “Cat Trap” crossover sees Deadpool hired to kidnap Killmonger’s leopard Prey, and then Killmonger attacks himself in an attempt by Reverend Dr. Achebe to return T’Challa to the Wakandan throne.

8. Black Panther Volume 3 #30, “The Story So Far”, May 2001

8. Black Panther 30 first contact
Image via Marcel Comics

Captain America entertains T’Challa with a story about how he first met his father, T’Chaka, in 1941. The account touches on how the two earned each other’s trust and respect, with T’Chaka gifting a hat with a piece of Vibranium, and Cap reciprocating with his triangle shield. The cover sees Captain America circa 1941 battling Chaka’s Black Panther, two proud icons of their countries who refuse to back down, steadfast and unwilling to give up.

7. Black Panther No. 9, “The Intergalactic Wakanda Empire: My Name Gathering” Part 3, February 2019

7. Black Panther 2018 No. 9 201902
Image via Marcel Comics

To restore the memories of those who were enslaved by the intergalactic Wakanda Empire, T’Challa and Nakia aim to free Jengu, a leviathan who lives in the sea. The cover evokes jaws, with the black panther swimming towards the surface and the beast close behind. It is an unfamiliar environment to see the black panther and the artist Daniel Akuna He does a great job of making the danger real.

6. Black Panther #1, May 2018 (alternative – Venom vs. Black Panther)

6. Black Panther 1 mide deodatao alternative poison
Image via Marcel Comics

If you weren’t a fan of Deadpool vs. Black Panther above, this might do the trick – Venom vs. Black Panther! It’s amazing, two giants with their claws exposed, are engaged in combat. One is an agent of chaos, the other with a clearly visible gritty design. Very Wonderful.

5. Forest Action No. 21 “A Cross Burning Darkly Blackening the Night” May 1976

5. Black Panther 21 Cross of Fire
Image via Marcel Comics

It’s Black Panther versus the Ku Klux Klan, and what a powerful and powerful cover. The Klan’s hatred is palpable with the artist John Romita He details the dark feelings and rage behind the masks intricately. But the really powerful thing is seeing a black panther break free from its shackles, a force that will not be silenced or contained. It was all too easy for this to be a “Hero in Danger” cover, with the restrained Black Panther weakened and in the possession of the Clan, but instead, it becomes a powerful cover.

4. Black Panther No. 1, May 2018 (alternative – Throne of Black Panther)

4. Throne of the Black Panther (1)
Image via Marcel Comics

Another winning variety cover that captures the essence of the character. The black panther sits on his throne noblely, but not as a passive king. You can literally feel the potential energy just by looking at him, his steely gaze forward, his body ready to go into action at any moment. brings to mind a A similar picture of the black Adam in the capital on me for him Throne, where both pictures speak volumes talking about their respective personalities.

3. Black Panther Annual #1, “Black to the Future”, February 2008

Image via Marcel Comics

Another striking and unique cover. A special double sized edition in honor of Black History Month, the cover is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s full of symbolism, with the raised fist logo, a vivid representation of the black power movement of the 1960s and, most recently, Black Lives Matter, boldly prevailing. The cover is a stand-alone artwork that makes an official statement about the Black Panther’s relationship to the black community.

2. Black Panther: Undefeated #1, November 2022

2. The Indomitable Black Panther
Image via Marcel Comics

This comic from one taketimed to coincide with the launch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, sees the rise of a threat linked to Wakanda’s past. To stop this, the black panther must dive deep into the history of Wakanda and connect with the panther god, Bast, in a new way. It’s absolutely stunning for the cover, as the hero is frozen into a shot that brings out the best in the hero combined with a brutal quality that isn’t often seen in other photos.

1. Marvel Knights 20th Vol.1 #4, February 2019 (Lee Variant)

1. Black Panther Marvel Knights 20th 4 variant
Image via Marcel Comics

The cover is simple: the black panther stands at the front in a powerful pose, arms crossed and claws extended. The space behind him is full of black panthers, ready to strike at their master’s command. It’s a sea of ​​black and gray on a stark white background. It is perfect. Jay Lee A contrast of black and white is used to make the most of here, making the hero the central focus of the cover. Nothing else takes that focus away and, in doing so, brings out the character to an unprecedented degree.

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