Danger, revolution and preventive medicine

Almost all dogs are the same, right? All cats are just little dogs, right? Wrong – wrong – wronged! Of course, every veterinarian understands that each patient is special to its owner and unique as an organism, but do individual patients really need individualized care? Furthermore, is the veterinary profession at a point where true … Read more

Florida wildlife officials prepare to help manatees after record deaths

Tallahassee Florida. After a record number of manatee deaths mostly linked to malnutrition, state and federal wildlife officials hope to double rescue and rehabilitation capabilities before dugongs congregate again in warm waters over the winter. On a conference call Wednesday with reporters, officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the U.S. Fish and … Read more

Ukraine presses for land recovery: live updates and latest news

An armed Russian soldier stood guard at an outdoor polling station in Luhansk, Ukraine, where voters took part in a referendum to join Russia on Saturday.attributed to him…Stringer/EPA, via Shutterstock Kyiv, Ukraine – Many residents of the occupied territories fled. It is claimed that e-mail voting and e-polling are taking place even though there is … Read more