Hawaii shuts down last coal-fueled power center on its way to renewable energy

Hawaii recently shut down its last coal-fired electricity production center. The shutdown is part of its effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, and to increase the use of renewable energy resources. coal Factory I worked for 30 years. It produced up to a fifth of electricity on Oahu, … Read more

Duke researchers identify hidden chlamydial cloaking device

Chlamydia, the main cause of bacterial sexually transmitted infections, evades detection and eradication within human cells using a masking device. But researchers at Duke University have recognized the fringe of the invisibility cloak and now hope they can unravel it. To enter the cell and reproduce peacefully, many pathogenic bacteria, including chlamydia, cover themselves with … Read more

Wildlife officials have allowed hundreds of baby pheasants to die – critics say there’s a bigger problem

The following story was reported by Utah Investigative Journalism Project in partnership with The Salt Lake Tribune. Less than two weeks after the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) received a shipment of 500 baby birds in June, “approximately 470″ chicks were found dead in their pens. Young dead birds accounted for more than a … Read more

Emergency contraception is not widely available to the poorest Texas

“Governor Greg Abbott said rape victims can take Plan B. But emergency contraception isn’t widely available to the state’s poorest people.It was first published by The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs — and interacts with — Texans about public policy, politics, government, and statewide issues. Subscribe to the feedOur daily newsletter … Read more

Good news, bad news for global hip fracture rates

AUSTIN, Texas – The incidence of hip fractures has decreased in many parts of the world, but an aging population is likely to impede this positive pathway, a researcher reports. Based on an evaluation of 20 healthcare databases from 19 regions and states, the rate of hip fractures has decreased by up to 2.8% per … Read more

King Charles III was officially proclaimed the new King of Britain in a centuries-old accession council ceremony

King Charles III, the world’s newest monarch, was formally proclaimed King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Saturday morning in a constitutional celebration dating back hundreds of years. Nearly 700 members of the current Accession Council, the oldest working part of the British government, were called to a meeting on … Read more

10 Weekend Readings – The Big Picture

Weekend here! Pour yourself a mug of volcanic coffee, sit in the driveway, and get ready to read on for the longest weekend: • An economist studied common financial advice. Some may mislead youThought Influencers vs. Economists: Economists may know a lot about how people should behave. But, as empirical-minded behavioral economists, we realize that … Read more

$6 billion Saber launches into popular global reinsurance market MGA/Program | News

Once regulatory approval is granted in the first half of 2023, the joint reinsurance arm of broker Howden Tiger will cement its position as the fourth largest reinsurance broker with revenues of more than $350 million. The deal also brings together two prominent industry leaders: Howden, who co-founded Howden Group in 1994 initially as a … Read more