Cathy McCoy Animal Rescue: New local creature community welcomes the rehabilitation of Bowdoin’s wildlife

In the case of Maine’s official literature on the issue of wildlife rehabilitation, the authors list a number of common myths about the profession. The second most common myth that state licensing officials face, according to the book, is that rehabilitating wildlife is fun. “Wildlife rehabilitation can be fun, stimulating, rewarding, and at times enjoyable,” … Read more

Increase insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family from common challenges

Part of the value of the law is helping citizens avoid many legal problems. The best legal problems are the ones that never happen. Here are two of the main challenges — and affordable steps to avoiding the long-term financial impact on your family because of them. Long Term Care Insurance Many of us will … Read more

Napa cabbage and green chili

Interestingly, what is recorded about food in Buddhist scriptures overlaps significantly with the content of “Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine).” A scientist who did research and wrote a paper on Donguibogam was surprised to read another paper on temple food by Finn. Seonjae because he found a lot of similarities. The scientist said, … Read more

Analysis: Underwater: How the Bank of England has delivered a lifeblood to the markets

Bank of England bought bonds after pension fund pleas Some UK pension funds have faced problematic margin calls BoE support is seen as giving an opportunity to build collateral The British government’s unfunded tax plan scared the markets LONDON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Calls from the Bank of England began on Monday saying some British pension … Read more

Early Social Security Demands, Prepare for This Big Change in 2023

(Kylie Hagen) We’re only a few weeks away from knowing what kind of a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Social Security recipients can expect in 2023. While that’s a pretty big problem, it’s not the only exciting change that’s coming to the program next year. Workers who claim Social Security early may notice a difference … Read more