Arista introduces new routing capabilities for cloud-first businesses

High performance network software maker Arista Networks Today it revealed what it describes as the next generation of cloud-level routing. The logic behind this is that routing needs to evolve to meet the demands of the cloud.

The concept is certainly sound because networks now do more than just connect branch offices to a corporate data center. Historically, companies have thought of networks as separate entities: mobile networks, mobile carriers, and business networks. But most cloud applications go beyond all three, so expertise and security depend on interoperability between domains.

Arista made a concept Cloud-level routing Just over half a decade ago with the idea of ​​a single software package with a range of routing capabilities that could meet the needs of enterprises, service providers, and cloud operators. This week I presented several network solutions, capabilities, and platforms to develop this cloud-level routing.

Arista introduces TunnelSec to simplify encryption

TunnelSec is called one of the new capabilities introduced by Arista that simplifies the use of various encryption technologies. For example, it is common for companies to deploy overlay networks to use IPsec and MACsec encryption. TunnelSec encryption eliminates the need for external encryption traditionally used in networking. It does this by securing data in transit and provides embedded encryption at data rates ranging from 10 Gb to 400 Gb in Arista’s R3 series routing systems. As a result, TunnelSec eliminates the performance bottlenecks associated with legacy cryptographic deployments.

With a single network platform, companies can deploy MACsec, IPsec and VXLANsec encryption. This provides the best network economics but also improves performance and network throughput rates.

said Jeff Raymond, Vice President Expandable Operating System (EOS) Arista’s product and service management. “We’ve expanded this concept, so customers can get end-to-end encryption.”

TunnelSec now comes integrated into Arista’s cloud routing platforms. All Arista products are powered by EOS and Network Data Lake (NetDL), which provide a single software platform for switching, routing, telemetry and a common set of data across all Arista platforms.

Single OS and data lake are Arista’s secret sauce. More and more network operations require AI-driven insights to improve performance and secure the network. A single set of data and its own operating system allow Arista to analyze information much faster than if it had to collect silos of information.

Arista’s reach has expanded to the past cloud titans

By innovating in this field, Arista has been able to cross the chasm from the data center to the modern routing. The seller in Santa Clara, California has a large customer base who have successfully deployed cloud-level guidance. The list includes cloud giants (Microsoft, Meta), professional cloud providers (Netflix, CDLAN, Zenlayer), service providers (Comcast, Arelion, Vocus), and Internet exchanges (Netnod, Equinix, Seattle Internet Exchange). For example, Vocus has updated the entire spine and rim by clicking Arista across its 200 sites.

Introducing new edge capabilities

In addition to TunnelSec, Arista has unveiled enterprise edge security capability, which combines data center and data center interconnection (DCI) domains. Traditionally, technology has been used to link two or more data centers together. Arista offers a portal functionality that allows customers to simplify their multicloud deployments.

The latest capability launched by Arista is coding and timing, which is designed for compact modular routing. Timing is one of the key aspects of building the current 5G network. It requires highly accurate timing enabled by segment routing in order to develop smart city infrastructure, autonomous vehicle connectivity, and other use cases. Arista’s new capability delivers modular routing with precise timing and traffic coding.

Arista introduces Jericho 2C + hardware platforms

In parallel with this announcement, Arista has expanded its R3 Series range by adding 26 new products based on Broadcom Jericho 2C + silicone. The portfolio now includes the new R3A Series with integrated TunnelSec; 800G ready for 7800R3 systems with 12- and 16-hole modular systems; 7280R3A Compact Modules for Metro, Mobile and DCI Applications; and the 7280R3A series with a 50 percent performance increase.

“The products are an extension of our existing R3 family,” Raymond said. “Within the 26 products, we have some new fixed and modular systems as well.” “We’ve been able to not only integrate the scope we need for routing but also build coding directly into all of these products.”

Extended features/products are now available in the latest version of EOS. According to Raymond, customers can choose from three “flavors” depending on their needs. The basic model focuses on the data center. The mid-range model provides encryption with a level of scalability. Finally, the large-scale model provides both routing and encryption.

Previously seen as a networking vendor serving only the needs of cloud giants, Arista has come a long way in the past half decade. It now has solutions for businesses of all sizes, including mid-market organizations. This release extends its transition to routing with the goal of helping companies transition to a cloud-first enterprise.

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