Andrew Medicine and Celtics Therapeutics Corporation join forces to bring the latest technology to sports injuries

HoustonAnd the 4 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ – James R “Jim” AndrewsMD, Chairman and CEO of Andrews Medicine Pensacola, FloridaAnd the David J. EllerChairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Celltex Therapeutics From Houston, TexasToday, they announced that together they will form a new biotechnology company to bridge the gap between stem cell research and the current treatment of sports injuries. The jointly owned company will operate under the name “Andrews Celltex Biologics”.

The new company will operate a sports injury program that includes the FDA-sponsored Celltex development study associated with its investigational new drug (IND) for the use of Celltex-produced autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the treatment of bone markers. . Andrews Medicine will participate in this IND research study under the direction of the FDA and will be responsible for the selection of participants and management for this new study. The new project promises to bring the best orthopedic medical practices of Andrews Medicine to treat sports injuries with Celltex best practices to produce therapeutic-quality MSCs as a renewable component of therapy. Andrews Celltex Biologics will break new ground with this joint effort. The goal is to obtain an FDA-approved biological authorization for this Celltex product.

Dr. Andrews He said, “I have always known that stem cells, when handled properly, can add value to already effective treatments for inflammatory conditions resulting from injury or disease. I am pleased that the Food and Drug Administration is working with Celltex to study the safety and efficacy of this blend of MSCs produced by Celltex combined with traditional medical treatment for multiple indications of sports injury. Our experience and network of sports teams and physicians will add immediate value to our new joint company. I am convinced Andrews Celltex Biologics will be a pioneer in this tremendous growth sector of healthcare combined with regenerative medicine.”

“Celltex is excited about the opportunity to join forces with one of the best orthopedic and sports medicine companies in the country,” he said. David J. Eller, Chairman and CEO of Celltex. “It’s a perfect match. Surgical treatments combined with Celltex’s regenerative MSCs will improve recovery and treatment time. This joint effort between the two leading companies in their field will lead to advanced regenerative healthcare for sports injuries and beyond.”

David Eller He continued, “Over the past 11 years, Celltex has developed unique technical expertise and proprietary technology to produce millions of MSCs in its specially designed cGMP laboratory from a small extraction of a person’s adipose tissue. The safety and viability of CSCs is of therapeutic quality. Over 1 trillion have been produced MSCs by Celltex, in a cGMP laboratory, from individuals who want their stem cells reintroduced into their body by physicians to fight a variety of diseases, especially those caused by inflammatory conditions.The nature of stem cells produced by Celltex, there were no severe adverse events when they were reintroduced. Introducing these stem cells into individuals from whom a small adipose tissue sample has been extracted for one time.”

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Andrews Medicine is an integrated healthcare platform built on five decades of research, innovation and clinical experience led by internationally recognized orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James “Jim” Andrews. Widely known as the surgeon of elite athletes from all over the world, Dr. Andrews He is also a leading thought leader in research, injury prevention, new surgical techniques, and practice management. Andrews Medicine brings this experience and expertise to healthcare systems, medical providers, sports organizations, and the communities they serve, ensuring that every patient receives exceptional clinical care. Read more on:

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Founded in 2011, Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is a Houston, TexasA company specialized in the manufacture and cryopreservation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Celltex is a leading commercial company in the field of autologous supply of concentrated stem cells for therapeutic use. The company uses its technology to isolate and preserve billions of genetically stable, undifferentiated MSCs in its cGMP-compliant laboratory. The company is dedicated to pioneering technological breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. For more information, see:

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