Anaconda and Domino Data Lab to provide integrated AI/ML lifecycle support for Python and R users.

Austin, Texas, November 9 2022 – Anaconda Incthe provider of the world’s most popular data science platform with more than 30 million users, today announced its collaboration with Domino data labprovider of the leading MLOps Enterprise platform trusted by more than 20% of the Fortune 100, for integrating the secure open source (OSS) Anaconda software Store on the Domino platform. The partnership will allow researchers and data scientists using Python and R to easily and securely create, use, and reproduce code, models, and insights with teams.

Through this integration with Anaconda Repository, Domino users get seamless access to the complete and secure OSS Python/R package repository hosted, built and maintained by Anaconda without the need for a separate enterprise license. Data science teams will achieve faster time to value with self-service and instant access to the open source Python and R tools used in every industry today.

“We have built a secure repository that enables organizations to confidently scale their open source efforts, supporting more than 30 million Anaconda users and the tools and platforms they rely on,” said El Ghashi, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Revenue, Anaconda. “This partnership with our friends at Domino Data Lab is incredibly exciting as it puts the power of open source Python directly into the hands of data science teams that are changing the world. We believe our secure repository and Domino Enterprise MLOps can provide customers with a more complete platform that fosters innovation securely and with governance in place. .”

“Breakthrough innovations happen when data science teams have easier access to the tools they know and love, and better collaboration — resulting in faster iterations and faster deployment of models,” said Thomas Robinson, Vice President of Partnerships and Corporate Development at Domino Data Lab. “By including Anaconda in our platform, we are excited to provide easier and comprehensive support for AI/ML lifecycles to accelerate time-to-value for data science teams.”

Anaconda and Domino Data Lab enable enterprise organizations to make AI models an essential part of their business. Together, they will offer teams a richer set of tools for the full AI/ML lifecycle – from model development and training, to production and model monitoring.

To learn more about the partnership and how to get started, click here.

About Anaconda

With over 30 million downloads, anaconda It is the world’s most popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. We’ve pioneered Python’s use of data science, championed its vibrant community, and continued to oversee the open source projects that make tomorrow’s innovations possible. Our enterprise-grade tools are the leading solution for securing and managing commercial uses of Python, enabling businesses, research and academic institutions around the world to harness the power of open source to gain competitive advantage, pioneer research, and build a smarter, better world.

About Domino Data Lab

Domino data lab Supports model-driven businesses with the leading Enterprise MLOps platform that is trusted by more than 20% of the Fortune 100. Domino helps companies become model-driven by accelerating the development and deployment of data science businesses while increasing collaboration and governance. With Domino, companies around the world can develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, build better cars, and much more. Founded in 2013, Domino is backed by Coatue Management, Great Hill Partners, Highland Capital, Sequoia Capital, and other leading investors.

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