Activists call for mental health crisis unit in wake of Detroit police shooting

Detroit Local activists have called for an independent team to be formed to respond to the mental health crisis following the police shooting of Porter Borks just over a month ago.

About 30 people attended Saturday’s rally at the Adams Potzel Recreation Center despite the snow, sleet and 35-degree temperatures.

It was organized by the Detroit Justice Center, a nonprofit law firm, and community organization groups such as We the People MI Action Fund, Michigan Liberation and Accountability for Dearborn, a group advocating transparency and eventual divestment from Dearborn Police.

Ash Daniels, the lead organizer of the Care Not Decriminalization campaign with Michigan Liberation, spoke to a crowd of about 30 at Saturday's rally.

Ash Daniels, the lead organizer for Michigan’s Campaign for Care Not Criminalization, said the state lacks adequate mental health facilities to provide care to those in need, and black and brown communities are disproportionately affected by a lack of resources, she said.

“We need facilities that people can go to and numbers outside the police when people are in crisis,” Daniels said. “When the police show up in their uniform, a person in crisis usually tends to become more aggressive. And, as we’ve seen in the last month, the results don’t bode well.”

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