Aaron Carter took Hilary Duff’s virginity on his thirteenth birthday: a memoir

Aaron Carter has claimed he took Hilary Duff’s virginity on what is believed to be her thirteenth birthday, according to new memoirs coming out next week.

Late pop star – who was it Found dead in the bathtub At his California home on Saturday – he made a surprising remark in his purportedly posthumous autobiography, “Aaron Carter: The Unfinished Story of an Unfinished Life,” Co-writing over three years with the author Andy Symonds.

“Hillary and I lost our virginity to each other in a hotel…in Los Angeles,” Carter wrote in the unfinished letter, obtained by The Post before it was published. “I think it was her birthday, maybe it was her thirteenth, but I don’t remember. Her friends came in, and we just yelled at them to get out.”

Ballast Books announced Wednesday via a press release that the memoir will be published on November 15: “This book is unfinished, but it will not be completed now.” You read the Amazon listing. In its final version as published, notes were left in the manuscript by writer and publisher Aaron so that the reader could see the focus and direction where the book is.[as] Going.”

Duff’s representative has neither confirmed nor denied Carter’s claim, telling The Post in a statement, “We will never comment on Hillary’s personal life in this way.”

The Post has also reached out to Carter’s representatives for comment.

Aaron Carter on the red carpet in 2003
Carter, who died Saturday, claims in a new book that he and Dove lost their virginity to each other when they were teenagers.
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Carter's diary was a preliminary draft at the time of his untimely death, with many unanswered questions.
Carter’s diary was still a preliminary draft at the time of his death, with many unanswered questions. Co-author Andy Symonds has praised The late star on social media.
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Carter previously claimed That he started dating Duff on his thirteenth birthday, which was on December 7, 2000. In his book, he said that he chose actresses at his thirteenth birthday party – and had an affair with Duff.

Duff is two months older than Carter and would have already turned 13 if they had started dating on his thirteenth birthday.

The former couple became famous for their on-screen kiss on the Duff Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire”. The episode aired on March 23, 2001.

Carter and co-author, Andy Symonds.
Carter and co-author Andy Symonds in 2019. “Aaron Carter was a kind, gentle, and talented spirit who was not without his demons,” Symonds Posted on Facebook. “He was so excited to tell his story, we worked many hours on his book. Unfortunately, we’ll never have a chance to finish it.”
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Young Hilary Duff
Duff and Carter shared an on-screen kiss on her Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire” in 2001.

In an interview with CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch” a few years later, Carter said It is claimed that: “I started dating Hillary on my thirteenth birthday. I’ve been dating her for a year and a half, and after that I got a little bored, so I went and started getting to know Lindsey. [Lohan]Lindsay dating. Then I didn’t want to do that anymore, so I went back with Hillary.”

Carter and Duff ended their on-and-off romance around 2003.

The “younger” actress – who is now 35 and married to Matthew Koma – has hinted that she lost her virginity to rock singer Joel Charlotte, Joel Madden.

She dated Duff Madden from 2004 to 2006, and their romance made headlines due to their eight-year age difference.

“I had a boyfriend who was 26 years old,” Duff said. worldwide in 2015. “So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I’ve been doing.”

Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter 2003 red carpet
Duff and Carter attend the premiere of “The Lizzie McGuire” on April 26, 2003.

warm Carter praised After his untimely passing at the age of 34, he shared a sweet note on Instagram that read: “For Aaron – I’m so sorry that life was so hard for you and that you had to struggle in front of the whole world.

“You had a very sparkling charm,” she added. “Boy, does my teenage self love you so deeply.”

In Carter’s diary – which was a file Rough draft at the time of his sudden death, with many unanswered questions – he recalled some of his other relationships, saying that actress Amanda Bynes was his first girlfriend. He also claimed that his partner on Dancing With the Stars, Karina Smirnov, left her fiancé for him when they competed in season 9.

“I told her it was too much for me, and she agreed, and we started to resent each other in the heat of the competition, and we started training with different people because our relationship was so bad,” Carter wrote.

The Post has reached out to representatives for Bynes and Smirnov for comment. Carter made the same claim Last year about Smirnov in a podcast. In an Instagram post After his death, Smirnov wrote, “RIP Tweet embed Too small! It’s heartbreaking! 💔💔💔 You always make people smile. Rest in peace friend! We will miss you. “

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