9-1-1 Oliver Stark on Buck’s emotional journey in Season 6

In Fox’s “9-1-1,” Buck is a messy firefighter residing at 118. Filmed by Oliver Stark, audiences watch a self-confident (and sometimes arrogant) 30-something fall through relationships, hands-on drama, and find a sofa that can Rely on them.

However, the Season 6 premiere marks a potential turning point for the character: Facing a setback that Bobby (Peter Krause) won’t call him interim captain while on vacation, Buck has sought to prove himself tenfold. Stark said it was a decision that symbolized the emotional journey the character had taken in the past five seasons.

“[Buck has] He’s got some really big decisions coming his way. He associates these slogans with his life, hence this is one thing in theory, and he will realize it very quickly [it’s] Previewing Monday night’s episode, the actor said, which will follow an emergency at the Happiness Conference that will stir up some strong emotions.

Read on for a Q&A from TheWrap with Stark, as he talks about the evolution of “Reader Buck” and what about the possible relationship between Lucy (Ariel Kebbell) and the character.

TheWrap: In the Season 6 premiere, Buck seeks a temporary captain but is told by Bobby that he’s not ready yet, reflecting on previous conversations they had. How is Buck going to move forward, and what kind of growth does he need to do?

The operating system: I think it actually provides an opportunity to show the growth he’s already gone through, in the sense that we’ve seen him act when things haven’t gone his way before, when the only acting he does is in retaliation for that decision is that he’s tried to prove himself more aggressively. He works hard because of it, and he tries to appear private, which isn’t necessarily bad stuff. Over the next few episodes we’ll see it continue as he really listens to what Bobby has to say and tries to look at ways he can implement in his own life that shows Bobby that he’s on the right track and that he’s listening and learning.

What can you say about the potential romance between Lucy and Buck in Season 6, now that Buck and Taylor split up in the Season 5 finale?

I don’t know, but I don’t think there’s really anything substantial there. I think when I walked in, neither Buck nor Lucy knew they were going to become a part of each other’s lives, so it was almost a trigger in Buck realizing that he might not have been in the right relationship. But she still had a broken leg, so there was no chance for that to grow. But it would be interesting to see if there’s anything in there once you do, at some point, go back to 118, but I think it was a bit more of a flash in the pan sort of between the two back in season 5.

You have spoke before About Buck’s need to learn how to be okay with himself rather than seeking validation from others or other things. Do you think we’ll see that for him this season?

absolutely yes. Over the next couple of episodes, in fact, we’ll really get a chance to look at the “reader buck” who takes up all the different self-help books and really tries to find the thing he’s looking for. I don’t think he knows which direction he’s headed, but he knows there’s something he needs, so we’ll see him try a couple of life guides, as it were.

What can viewers expect from your character and 118 as a whole during the course of Season 6?

One of the things I’m really excited about this season is that he’s really taking his time and developing some of these characters and relationships more. The highlight for people is kind of staying a little longer. For example, we have a whole collection of great stories[telling] About Hen and Karen and their relationship, and it took them a long time to fill in these things more and allow people to thrive in these relationships. More specifically about Buck, he’s got some really big decisions coming his way. He associates these slogans with his life, hence this is one thing in theory, and he will realize it very quickly [it’s] Maybe something different in practice.

Season 6 starts with a bang — literally, with an a blimp crash. What can you be upset about about future emergencies that the 118 will have to respond to?

An emergency is set for the next episode of The Happiness Conference, which was a really fun day to be in but with really serious consequences. It was fun for me as an actor because it’s something that hits Buck hard and sends him down a little bit. And I always enjoy when emergencies actually have their effect on the 118, and then in Episode 4, for stunt reasons, it was really fun, where I hop on a bike and ride around L.A., [which] I really love and throw myself away. Anytime I get to show off some sports or that side of myself – the fact that I’ve been walking around a lot and chasing some stuff has been really fun for me.

What was your favorite part of Buck’s emotional journey?

[To play] Someone who clearly grew up with this masculine idea of ​​what it is to be a man and to be a hero, but to step away from that and watch him delve deeper into his more vulnerable and sensitive side and embrace that and the strengths that come with having it all together in one character is really fun for me. .

“9-1-1” airs on Fox on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST / Pacific Time.

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