5 bold trading predictions ahead of the 2022-23 NHL season | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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    While we wait to play NHL games and start training camp, we all have a lot of downtime, and downtime for hockey fans means planning ideas for trades.

    Everyone loves playing the armchair general manager of their favorite team and coming up with totally unbalanced favorite business ideas that instantly make their team the winner and the other team looks like they’ve replaced Philip Forsberg with Martin Air. And you know what? We do not disagree.

    Trade and business ideas are the fuel that makes the Internet work. It’s rocket fuel that sends comment sections on blogs that fly from the galaxy to the world of galactic brains. We love the suggested trades, we hate that the person who came up with the latest ones dared put them online, and we love hating them all.

    That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for trades that, on paper or in video game form, would be great to see happen. Sure, it would be easy to just come up with unruly stuff like Connor McDavid for a bunch of draft picks and then have you all throw your computer or phone in the trash in disgust. Instead, we’ve come up with these ideas that might get you to do the same thing, but not quite as quickly.

    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream at me online to put these thoughts into the ether, but most of all you can’t wait to see what’s next.

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    Toews will likely see his home from a downtown square in Winnipeg (Photo: Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images)

    It’s no secret that the good times are over in Chicago. It’s more than likely that free agents Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane won’t trade after the 2022-23 season, so if you’re going to trade in Toews, sending the original Winnipeg home would make sense.

    The Jets have had a rumor-ridden vacation in the locker room. Players are frustrated by their absence from the qualifiers, and striker Pierre-Luc Dubois has gone that far Go to Montreal During this summer’s NHL draft, trade with Canadians is expected to plummet during the event. You trade players, which makes sense for both teams, although Chicago may want to have more.

    Winnipeg’s first-round pick for 2017, Christian Vesalainen is set to play in Sweden after ups and downs with the Gates. He was a restricted free agent this summer and was eligible by the team, but most of the time when something like that happens, if or when that player returns to the NHL, it’s usually with another team. Maybe the new situation will do it well. With Chicago in full rebuild mode, it’s easy to get playtime.

    Toews’ production declined last season, scoring a career low of 37 points. He’s 34, and there’s always the possibility that he’ll stop working after this season. Chicago now gets Dubois’ top player, so swapping shots by round gives the Jets an actual second-round pick, and Chicago moves by one of two seconds to add a third-round pick.

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    Patrick Kane teaming up with Mitch Marner would be wild (Kevin Sousa/NHLI via Getty Images)

    As we mentioned regarding Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane will likely end up elsewhere before the season ends. We also know that Toronto Maple Leafs is this is On the verge of desperation to win the Stanley Cup. They’re closer than they’ve been in some time, and they’re always one piece away. So, if you have Auston Matthews on the roster and can score a lot of goals, why not score a lot more and have Matthews play one of the best American players in NHL history?

    The main problem here is money. Kane is valued at $10.5 million and Maple Leafs is currently a little over the top so make sure you balance the money or get as close as possible. With that in mind and knowing that younger players are needed for Chicago to be good at a bargain, let’s give this a try.

    Alexander Kervut ($3.5 million), TJ Brody ($5 million) and former Blackhawk David Kampf ($1.5 million) could make this possible. Their maximum hits total $10 million, which puts half a million off Kane’s ceiling number. Nick Abruzese, a 23-year-old who actually developed through college, could play in the NHL right away. Dmitriy Ovchinikov has been playing in Russia since enlisting in 2020, and the undersized skilled wingers seem to be doing well in Chicago.

    Ian Mitchell gives Toronto a little extra depth to its blue streak. Kerfoot and Kämpf are both UFAs after this season, and Brodie has another year after this year, so Chicago’s current commitments won’t be too heavy. But Toronto will land the Buffalo native in Kane and add a man who’s been there and won them all a few times before.

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    Calgary’s Kaapo Kakko has a beat to it (Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

    One of the biggest problems with the New York Rangers is how lax they are at playing defense. Always under fire, Goalie Igor Shesterkin has shown in the Eastern Conference qualifiers how much he can wear even on the winner of the Vezina Trophy. Their defensive depth isn’t ideal, especially for a team that was so close to the Stanley Cup Final last year, and now according to Larry Brooks subordinate New York Post, they are looking to transfer potential defender Nils Lundqvist, who is frustrated by his lack of the role. it’s a problem.

    Rangers not only need to improve their defence, they also need to trade one of their best defensive prospects – but not yet proven at the NHL level. This is where the Kaapo Kakko addition will help the issue. Kakko will get a change of scenery with Calgary Flames, who, although they did a great job offsetting Johnny Gaudreau’s loss in free agency and trading Matthew Tkachuk, could still use some juice in attack.

    Flames has plenty of depth in defense, and while Noah Hanifin is one of the top four defenders, adding Lundkvist will soften that blow. Calgary can then move Juuso Välimäki to the top of the depth chart and try to replicate the disc control and disc movement ability that Hanifin provides.

    Moving Kakko and Lundkvist to get a strong puck-possessing player like Hanifin would deepen the top four on the blue streak in a big way. Joining the likes of Adam Fox, Jacob Troupa, Andre Miller and Ryan Lindgren, Hanifin would give New York a dynamic defensive corps that would reduce the pressure on Shesterkin. This alone makes striking a deal feasible.

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    Robin Lehner’s lost season could mean Ned goes to Vegas (Image: Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)

    Vegas must be concerned about its target after double hip surgery that will see Robin Lehner miss the entire season. The Knights acquired deep goalkeepers Adin Hill of San Jose and Michael Hutchinson as a free agent. These two get along well with Logan Thompson and Laurent Prosuite. That’s a lot of goalkeepers, the most experienced in the NHL is Hutchinson, presumably playing in the AHL with Henderson. Vegas will be desperate to return to the playoffs after missing out for the first time in franchise history last season, and Detroit has a viable option in Alex Nedelijkovic.

    Nedeljkovic is in the final year of his contract with Detroit, and the Red Wings signed Ville Husso’s three-year, $14.25 million contract this summer. Detroit also has a 2021 first-round pick Sebastian Koussa in the pipeline to be the ultimate No. 1 goalkeeper. He’s 19, so it’ll be two or three years before that happens.

    With Ned on an expired $3 million contract, it’s a digestible deal for the Golden Knights. Putting that contract in and Hosu on a new one takes away some leverage to keep Vegas’ feet on fire. That could mean first-round picks aren’t on the table, which is a good thing because Vegas doesn’t need to cough any more of those. Choosing a second round is a great idea; However, Vegas does not have one in the draft next summer. Let’s pick the second round next year and give Detroit a capable goalkeeper to support Hossoo.

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    Jake Allen may wish Gabriel Landskog didn’t stand up to him in Colorado.

    Well, that lacks the oomph of our other deals, but hear us out and climb the rabbit hole with us.

    After the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup, it immediately became clear that goalkeeper Darcy Comber was going to sign elsewhere on free agency, meaning the defending champions would head into the season with a new No. 1 and many more questions. They landed Rangers’ Alexander Georgiev to be that guy, but that didn’t make the picture any less blurry. Georgiev showed flashes of brilliance with the Rangers but lacked consistency.

    Pavel Francos was Quimper’s reserve last season and may again be a good replacement for Georgiev. He played well in limited movement, which made him the perfect guy to be a backup, but it also didn’t give him a real chance to be #1. Trading with Canadians for Jake Allen would solve a lot of problems.

    Allen has been number one in the past and can still play well between the tubes and is set to be Montreal’s starter this season. Montreal is also set on paper not going to be very good this season. Allen will provide a veteran safety net for Georgiev and someone who can step in and keep things steady in the event of injury or below-average play.

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